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Yogatherapy of varicose veins of legs.

Varicose veins of the legs is a very common disease nowadays. The cause is a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and sleep and rest, lack of exercise, childbirth, heredity… Every year the disease becomes “younger”. Now you can see many young girls with spider veins on their beautiful feet.

A simple set of exercises specially designed by yoga therapist and mother Maria Shishkina will help you easily to deal with the first signs of varicose veins and even significantly improve the condition of leg veins in advanced stages of the disease!

Attention! Before practice, please consult your physician!

1. The pose of the Butterfly, the dynamic variation.

1a) — sit on the ischial bones, having connected feet in front of you. Straighten your back.

1b) – with an exhalation, try to lower your knees to the floor, stretching the inner thighs and keeping your back straight.
1c) — with an inhalation, relax the tension in your hips and pull your knees up to the elbows
1.3Make 15-18 dynamic cycles in a comfortable rhythm. Do not forget to breathe.

2. Anantasana, the dynamic variation.
2a) — lie on your left side, moving the feet slightly forward for better balance. Connect the inner surface of the feet, straighten the knees. Your right hand pushes off the floor.

2b) while bending the right leg at the knee, move the tensed toe from yourself along the calf to the knee. Lock this position by checking the vertical location of the right knee.
2c) — keep going, gently straighten the knee and send toes up.
2d) – with exhalation, keeping your right leg straight, gently push it down on the initial trajectory until you put your right foot on the left.

Repeat for 10-12 times on each side.

3. Dynamic twisting while lying down.
3a) — lie on your back, bend your knees, arms out to the sides, your palms press the floor.

3b) — twist your legs (cross your hips, right leg is on top).
3c) – with exhalation, hold the floor with your palms, do not lift your shoulder blades. Slowly move legs to the right, dropping them as low as possible to the floor. Expand the head in the opposite direction. Hold on for 2-3 breath cycles.

Return to initial position and do the exercise in another direction by changing the legs crossing.

4. Rest for the feet.
4a) — lie on your back, feet are bent in knees, arms are along the body.

4b) – slightly lift the pelvis, lock your palms and place it under the sacrum.
4c) — lower the pelvis on palms locked, bend your knees and allocate the weight of your body.
4d) — if you want to achieve a better effect, try to straighten your knees and hold the posture for 6-8 breath cycles.


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