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Yoga therapy for stress.

Stress is an part of modern life. We must be caring wives, never-tired moms, successful business ladies, and beautiful women emanating confidence at the same time! How to manage all these? The time management skills and yoga therapy techniques will help. Only 15 minutes a day will make you feel cheerful, calmer and happier!

1.Opening of the cardiac centre.

1a) – IP (Initial pose) – sitting in a comfortable pose with crossed legs, the back is straight.

1b) – put your fingers on the centre of the chest and, making an intense exhalation, expose all the air to the outside, rounding the shoulder blades.
1c) – with an inhalation, spread your arms out to the sides, opening your shoulders and chest.

Perform the exercise at a comfortable tempo for 10-15 times. Use this exercise in the morning to charge yourself with energy for the day.

2.“Bowing to the ground”.

2a) – IP – sitting with legs extended forward and straight back. If possible, keep your knees straight.

2b) – with an inhalation raise your hands upwards, bending your elbows and keeping your back straight.
2c) – twist the body to the left, lowering the palms on the floor. Try not to take your buttocks off the floor.
2d) – with an exhalation lean down, trying to touch the floor with forehead.

Perform 10-15 inclines in each direction, keeping a steady breathing and same tempo.

3.Variations in the Cat’s pose.

3a) – IP – on all fours, palms under the shoulders, knees under the hips.

3b) – with an inhalation, pull the right knee to the forehead, rounding the back.
3c) – with an exhalation pull out the right leg back, straightening the knee and bending the lower back.

Complicate practice:

3d) – try to keep the equilibrium by extending the right leg and the left arm in the Cat’s pose.


Hold for a few breaths.

Repeat the complete cycle for 6-8 times, changing the balance supports.

4.Comfortable posture lying.

4a) – IP – sit on the floor with the crossed legs, place a thin blanket wrapped under the waist.

4b) – leaning on your elbows, gently lower your back to the floor. Make sure that the blanket roller placed under a lumbosacral zone.
4c) – adjusting the position, relax, resting in a comfortable pose. Stay in pose as you feel comfortable.

If you feel any tention, straighten your legs.


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