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Yoga #Lifehack. Getting ready to twine.

I am sure that for the practice of yoga you do not need any special conditions, no place, no time. You need only the desire and competent advice of the teacher. I already took care of the second. The case is yours!

Many dream to sit on a longitudinal or transverse twine, using all sorts of options for stretching. I suggest a pair of yoga lifesthaks for home practice.

  • Concentrate not only on the extension of the inguinal ligament. It is necessary to use the legs along the entire length (ankle – hamstring – inguinal ligaments and ligaments of the hip joints).
  • I recommend practicing in the “standing” position, transferring the body weight symmetrically to the hip joints. Pressure should be on the lumbosacral and ileal bones, evenly “spreading” over the musculoskeletal apparatus.
  • If the elbow of the elongated leg does not straighten up or is overexerted, you are not ready yet. Go back to a detailed study of the joints of the lower extremities.

Contraindications: stiff hip, arthritis / arthrosis of the hip joints, hypermobility of the neck of the hip, postpartum period less than 4 weeks, hyperkyphosis of the lumbosacral spine.

Always glad to answer your questions! Good practice!


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