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Yoga #Lifehack. Choosing the best time for practice.

Good morning, day or evening, yogis! When choosing the time for practice, do you focus on your own natural rhythms? For me, for example, the early morning and late evening almost turning into night are almost optimal. Then the body is truly made “fluid” and ready for transformation. And if classes in the class are sometimes difficult to compare with personal preferences, then the practice of the house can be completely adjusted based on the desires of the body.

Here are a few tips and topics to think about.

  • Each of us has a unique “drawing” of the physical and emotional within a day, to unravel which is one of the main tasks of a person striving for deep self-knowledge.
  • Analyze what is more pleasant for you – to stretch yourself early in the morning in bed immediately after awakening or to do some exercises right on the prikrasatnom rug, getting ready for bed? How does your body respond? Do you feel bodily and mental “flexibility” at a single point in time or have to persuade yourself for a couple of movements?
  • You should not think, if you could ideally “adjust” the internal rhythms to the working schedule or lifestyle in general. There are always priorities. However, if at this point in your life your priority is real (which means internal and external health), think about building a working schedule or at least modifying it.
  • You can always find excuses. ALWAYS. However, the body does not forgive the missed his own “ideal” time. It’s like wrinkles: at first we are “too young” for anti-aging cream (read, daily practice), and then “it’s too late”.
  • The ideal rhythms of the body change. As well as your mood and state of health. Do not think that choosing this “time” time, it will become universal and will regularly benefit. Listening, recognizing and satisfying the needs of the ever-changing organism is one of the commandments of a successful and healthy life (sounds hedoniously, but remember the Maslow pyramid and satisfaction of the basic needs of the living organism for its further progress).
  • Habits often make time for practice perfect. You can regularly put yourself in a relaxed and quality training, you get a powerful fixation in the body and the consciousness of imminent progress and happiness.


Learn your natural and acquired uniqueness. Explore the inside, compare it with the outside and find an individual harmony! Good practice to you!


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