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Yoga and yogatherapy. Questions and answers.

Yoga and yogatherapy. Questions and answers.

My dear friends, students, listeners, readers and watchers! I am very grateful that you look at the World the same way as I do it through the prism of yoga and yoga-therapy, happy maternity and family travel!

Many of you were students and have completed my courses. Some of you still continue studying and use your knowledge in professional and personal life!

I am very glad!

Currently, I continue to expand your capabilities for distance and in-person training using my author programs.

The only thing that often remains “behind the scenes” is your questions.


Sure many of you can ask questions during the trainings and receive answers. But many subjects still have to be discussed. And I always have something to share with you!

That’s why I open a new video series — “Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Questions & Answers”!

The point is:

— you subscribe to my website news and to my instagram account @mariashishkinayoga. There I will share short video answers and communicate with users in private messages. Send me your questions through website feedback form or private message in instagram. The questions can be different on any subject related to yoga and yoga-therapy, lifestyle, pregnancy and motherhood, reproductive health, early and growth in the practice, etc. Write your name, city, country and your age;

— I split all the questions into segments and prepare the answers;

— I share answers in a short videos on instagram with explanations and comments or detailed answers on the website;

— as a result you get most detailed information for your own deep and correct practice!


I’m sure that:

— This will get us closer despite the distance;
— You practise the material you are interested in more effective;
— It will make us to have constructive debates and you can share your point of view on the subject!

So Guys! Today we have launched question-&-answer line! Enjoy this moment and get knowledge from me!))


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