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Yoga after childbirth: building your figure from the beginning!

Almost every woman when becomes a mother, dreams to get back to her shape before pregnancy. But not everyone can spend 1.5 hour a day doing sports or attend fitness or yoga classes, or to eat well and live in harmony with herself, her baby and the world around at the same time! Unfortunately there is no magic pill like “super-beautiful figure in one minute”. What a pity!

This is ironic – the more life is easier for a person, the more boring and lazier it becomes. It is necessary to challenge yourself to make some result. Only difficulties create evolution, this is the law of nature. Thus, any difficulties on the way should be taken with gratitude. This is a chance to develop into a more complex and adapted organism!

I hope now you have enough motivation, and we continue with the challenge. Your challenge to circumstances!


So, a modern young mother who can not spend much time and energy to put herself in order. But she really wants and is ready to take care of herself. Sometimes it is enough to do a couple of time-tested exercises. All you need are ten-fifteen minutes of time, desire and perseverance. And voilà! You are in great physical shape, there is no trace of depression and you hear many compliments!

What are these magical exercises? Let’s see!

First, it is necessary to strengthen the back, in particular, the lumbosacral department, creating a strong muscular skeleton (after all, soon you will have to work a lot with your favourite “weight”- your baby!). Also, a strong back will hold the internal organs in their anatomical position.

Asanas, strengthening the back are:


Ushtrasana (camel pose). Besides the obvious back effect, it stretches and strengthens the muscles of the front surface of the thighs. It also “unfolds” the shoulders, opens the thorax, releasing deep breath (which was impossible for the second half of pregnancy).

Perform it for several times, staying in the fixation of few breath cycles. After every repetition be sure to compensate by stretching and relaxing the muscles of the back and legs. Do not overexpose the lumbar zone. Do not do asanas too deep or use armpits.


A variation of the back extension in the position on the toes with the support is suitable as a compensation of intensive back deflections as in Ushtrasana. Pay special attention to stretching the back from the centre upwards (to the crown) and downwards (to the coccyx).

Do it with equal effort. Perform this asana as compensation after each execution of the Ushtrasana. Or do it the separately as a soft working out of the muscles of the back, legs and shoulder girdle.


The more complicate option is Pashimotannasana (sitting inclination forward). As an extra effect it also stretches the hamstrings, the back surface of the thighs, stimulates digestion and soothes nerves.

Do several dynamic repetitions with a small fixation or one or two deep fixations with full and calm breathing. Do not overload the hamstrings and do not let the “shooting” pain appear in the lower back.


Another very useful asana for our postnatal practice is the dynamic variation of Chakrasana (Ring pose). Soft twists return the internal organs to a normal position, stimulate the digestive and excretory systems and strengthen the deep layers of muscles, which is a prerequisite for maintaining the spinal column. Repeat is for 10-15 times in each direction, twisting with a soft exhalation through the nose. Besides the main effect of twisting, asana carries a significant load on the muscles of the legs and buttocks. It forms the relief of the hands, increases the shoulder girdle mobility, reveals the inner surface of the thighs and trains the inguinal ligaments.

So, here is the minimum set of exercises that help you in a short time to cope with post-partum consequences. But, note that if you want to achieve a certain result, you will need regularity and wish to practice!

The given material is for a wide audience of women who had normal childbirth without any special consequences. If you have any specific complications such as caesarean section, diastase, multiple pregnancies, etc. it is necessary to compile the individual set of exercises advising the qualified specialist!

Wish you a good practice!


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