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TOP 5 best places to practice yoga on Costa del Sol.

So you’re in Spain. More precisely, on its Sunny coast. You – a yogi with experience or with just a dream to discover all the delights of practice. Hmm… then it’s time to read our quick guide on the best places to practice on the coast!
I shall warn, in this article you will not find the advertising of any yoga studios or fitness clubs. This is just a small guide for all eager to see into the topic “How interesting and useful to practice yoga on their own (or with the teacher) on Costa del Sol” given my personal experience! Well, let’s start!

First on our list of yoga places on the coast – in fact, the very coast! It would be ridiculous to visit or to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and not take the opportunity to work out on the beach! Soft sand (or small pebbles, depending on exactly where on Costa del Sol you are), the sea breeze, the morning (or evening) sun – well then why not to roll out the Mat/towel/anything and not to start practicing?..


And if you combine practice on the beach with a jog or walk, and pleasure, the effect will be much more! Remember, I recently wrote about this?..


Well you are already accustomed to the beach – sand is getting into all places during the practice and the desire for diversity. Well, let’s explore the coast!

Look, it’s worth a little walk along the shoreline, and will definitely stumble upon the most beautiful piers. They can be stone, wood, natural or man-made, but always incredibly attractive! Succumb to the same temptation and try one of them out! This will be the place number two on our list.


God, that’s what the wise men said, urging to let go of the ego and dissolve into the space of the Universe!… Asana, pranayama, Dharana, Samadhilike notes of a song carry you into infinity! Contemplating the vast expanses of the elements, begin to feel like a drop in a vast ocean!… Whether it is Raja yoga?..


But then you will want to descend. Into the water. Believe me and my practice). It is so natural for man to return to original nature, be saturated with its energy and calm the mind. Place number three – the sea. Experiment with asanas in the water – choose a stable surface for practice, change the depth of immersion – believe me, your body will remember this experience for a long time!


But in addition to the coast on Costa del Sol there is another awesome place to practice – endless green lawns and parks. Number four in our list .

Modern people often lack confidence in themselves, their abilities, the opportunity to manage life and achieve the best results. Experienced yogis recommend in this case to communicate more with the earth – to walk barefoot, to work in the garden. But since we are on vacation, we forget the garden for a moment and just practice yoga on earth.


Only you, mighty trees, gentle birdsong and soft fresh herbs …

And finally,the fifth place for our practice, in case you are too lazy to leave the house or hotel. But perhaps it’s for the best! Diversify your practice by doing a few asanas on the steps or leaning against your door)


And most importantly, remember, is not the place paints the person, and the personplace. Therefore, take your Mat and call the teacher!..



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