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The Queen Posture.

In Costa del Sol, any day is holiday! Christmas Eve, “tomatins”, endless beach and club parties and social events. Locals live the real social life here. Women are trained enough to wear evening dresses and walk between tables with a glass in hand.

Every woman dreams to be beautiful always and at any age. Actually every woman should be beautiful always and at any age! I believe so! Did you notice the difference between these two phrases?

But the willingness to work with yourself is important. Daily. With zeal. Defeating laziness.

Today we will find out how, by defeating laziness, you can get the queen’s elegant carriage and eclipse everyone at the next ball!

We will once again to look for help in yoga and its effective exercises!

Before testing the miraculous power of the presented complex, you should remember one thing. It is regularity, regularity and again regularity of your practice. This is the key to success!

I chose the most effective exercises, tested by a lot of men and women including myself. They are effective, but only if you defeat your laziness.

Let’s go to practice. Graceful carriage assumes a strong back with developed shoulders and a correct head fit, as well as the preservation of all natural curves of the spine. In modern life, only few can keep up such parameters. Well, no problem, we will soon join them, right?

To strengthen the deep muscles supporting the spine and its natural curves we will introduce in the daily home practice dynamic vinyasa. These exercises smoothly flowing from one to another into Based Plank Pose will help you to strengthen the hands and feet muscles as well.


At the beginning you must learn to do the initial position correctly. This is a Plank Pose. Start from the position on all fours, where the palms are right under the shoulder joints, and the knees – under the hip. Straighten your legs, putting them on your toes. The basis of practice is the correct distribution of body weight with a small secret: the Mula-Bandha (so-called Root Lock). The muscles of the press, buttocks and thighs work hard. The tail bone tightens inwards, smoothing the lumbosacral spine. Yes, the work is not easy, but the result is worth it! You need to rehearse a little …


We will train Mula-bandha in the next position of our vinyasa. From classic version of the Plank Pose with a tail bone down, try to hold the rest of the body in an unchanged position. Pull up the “tail” up and so several times. It’s hard, I know, but it’s necessary, dear girls!
After you have done this vinyasa (and later learn how to do several repetitions of this mini-complex at a time), relax in Balasana variation (Child’s pose). Stretch your back, remove tension from the muscles of the arms, legs and neck, take a breath. And repeat everything again!

For dessert there is a variation for the brave ones! Chaturanga Dandasana (Staff posture on four pillars), which is successfully performed from Plank Pose. The main thing in this performance is to keep your elbows tightly pressed to the body and not be afraid to try!

Believe me, a few lessons with the teacher, your excitement and zeal – and it will be yours!
Of course, do not forget that the success of practice is in its literacy. It depends on your teamwork with the teacher, whose professionalism you trust and your diligence. After a while you will be the first queen of the ball!


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