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Yoga and yogatherapy. Questions and answers.

Yoga and yogatherapy. Questions and answers.

My dear friends, students, listeners, readers and watchers! I am very grateful that you look at the World the same way as I do it through the prism of yoga and yoga-therapy, happy maternity and family travel! Many of you were students and have completed my courses. Some of you still continue studying and use your knowledge in professional and personal...

MariaShi. The right outfit for the bright practice. Marbella’s Sunrise collection.

Dear yoga fans and professionals! We present you our first collection of Marbella's Sunrise — the right outfit for the bright practice! The special sports fabric with incredible colours and refined cut. It is designed with all features of yoga practice — to make your practice and life easier and brighter! We care about every detail of our leggings for yoga and...

Pose of the Day. Bhujangasana.

We depend on habits. The strength of this relationship affects our lives from our earliest years. The good habits improve our life quality. The bad ones pull us back to the previous step. In yoga practice, the force of habit sometimes plays a vital role. Tapas, or “passionate practice” is one of the principles of Niyama. In fact, the good habit...