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Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Pleasure benefit.

When we talk about inverted yoga poses, we imagine Standing on the head. Usually beginners don't find it pleasant. Also the experienced practitioners always have something to strive for. Yet, from Ayurveda's point of view this practice is able to develop lightness in body and mind and harmonize the energy balance. About practical execution and preparation for the pose I will...

Pose of the day. The balance on insteps.

“Pose of the Day” is a daily part of the right practice for your health and good mood! Practice every day with pleasure! Most of the yoga beginners are asking the question: ‘Where actually does yoga start from?’ Does is start with Trikonasana or Tadasana? Or does is start from pranayamas or compliance with internal and external purity? If we look at...

Pose of the day. The side stretching.

Today we will be short, targeted and persistent. Many yoga poses need body sides stretching. And the endless striving for the perfect figure adds more passion to practice! In our today’s agenda few interesting and effective ways of side stretching! Let’s start! Anyone who is familiar with yoga practice will mention a couple of asanas, in which one or both sides stretch....

Ayurveda and yoga. Training for Kapha.

Very often people asking me questions about the difference in building practices for a particular predominant doshas in the body, as well as asked to recommend a set of specific exercises for each particular case. Well, let's not pigeonhole and start with predecesora guidance for building practices for the prevailing Kapha dosha. So, what we need to remember, making a universal...

Ayurveda and yoga. Windy Vata.

To create. Dream. To inspire and be inspired. So you can describe the qualities of Vata Dosha or the Air Element in human body from the perspective of Ayurveda. It might seem like it's great to soar in the clouds, bring forth a brilliant (or not, but always interesting) ideas, not to get better from sweet and fat, little sleep and...