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SUP-yoga: conquering the wave with grace!

When you first see the surf or paddle board you might think: “It’s so easy! Get up and stand on it and here you go.” But even experienced yogis and athletes need time to practise this beautiful water sport.

I remember that my first experience was spontaneous and joyful: after plenty of fall downs from flipping board, with the throat pouring from the salt water I crawled ashore and realized: “This board should be in my life!”

And it happened so. From the second try I got on my knees, and after the third I could work with a paddle, standing in full height. My long yoga practice of yoga helped a lot of course. Thanks to yoga I could adapt to new unusual conditions and fight against the water element.

After a week of training for hours, I was already practising yoga on the paddle board on the small waves. It turned out quite well. Since then, I try to spend time like this, developing both SUP-yoga and my already more surfing skills. My big wave is waiting for me! ..))

Use this article as more like inspiration for beginners. But do not forget the basic training principles.

1. If you already can keep the balance and stand on your knees at least, try to start your practice with a warm-up sitting and lie down. Supta Baddha Konasana and Bhujangasana are perfect for this.


Do not forget to prepare your body for these exercises by performing elementary warming movements. But if you swam before that this may be enough.


2. Then I suggest using the classical vinyasa of Hatha Yoga – Purvottanasana- Pashchimotanasana. These will help to work through the entire body, and will make you also use muscle stabilizers to keep the elementary balance, in order be ready for complicated practice.


Do it slowly in several full cycles, listen to your body.


3. Sail on! It is turn for balances. For more excitement and interest we will do the difficult ones. If it does not work out, splashes and fun will be more then. I suggest variant of Navasana.


And after that we will give rest for the tired back in Adho Mukha Shvanasana. The asanas done ashore with confidence are completely different on the water!


4. Add a good stretch for the hips, because they work hard during the entire paddle-board session, regardless of whether you are on your knees or full-length. I propose beautiful Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana as a rescue from fatigue! At the same time, you can feel the length of the board.


5. Well, for fans of extreme sports — a small challenge to yourself and the elements! Catch a wave, sitting in balance with your feet in the Lotus! Having fun and deep study muscle stabilizers are guaranteed!


Keep on practising, discovering and enjoying life!


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