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Pregnancy and childbirth. Traditions and the present.

In modern culture, the concepts of “pregnancy” and “childbirth” are having more and more definitions. If it is the pregnancy, it is necessarily to be conscious, and better in the Vedic traditions (because of modern society’s passion to all Indo-Slavic, etc.). If it is childbirth, then certainly it must be natural (and in the water, standing, in the “pose of the cat”, lying on its side, etc.). It does not matter that the meaning of the concept “natural” does not correspond to the real process.

The saturation of information on pregnancy and childbirth is divided into a “pure medical” approach and “ancient Vedic, as our great-grandmothers did.” There is a huge gap between such extreme measures. There is no structured knowledge that helps woman to perceive the process of pregnancy and prepare for childbirth.

Imagine that you are a woman who has found out that soon you will become a mother! What a wonderful feeling! But there is no such thing! In our ancestors’ society, there was a whole culture of midwifery with the maintenance of a certain tradition. There was a clear canon of knowledge and actions. They were not always the right ones for modern medicine, but at least they passed the test and had a certain effect. The future mother was calm and confident because she knew that she would be taught, supported, helped, and everything would turn out the way her mother and grandmother did.

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Following the development of medicine and certain technologies, there is a clear routine medical control accompanying the woman’s pregnancy. Here the main role belongs to a strict doctor who leads the statistics but not to the future mother. Woman is accompanied by hospital staff. This hospital atmosphere with iron beds, the separation of the mother and child right after childbirth to “ensure proper supervision for baby” makes to think that the “pregnancy” is synonym of “illness”.

In the modern world, there is a variety of methods, techniques and traditions of conducting pregnancy and childbirth. You can go abroad if you like and you will be treated kindly by medical staff and doctors. You give birth in a separate room, more like a mini-apartment, with your husband and a view of the ocean! Or you can stay in a patrimonial settlement under the control of a spiritual midwife and experience the childbirth “as the ancestors did”.

Today, it is possible to give birth in water, or standing, or lying in birth chair. Whatever the future mother wants she can choose. Yet, at first place the future mother must HAVE KNOWLEDGE and then to CHOOSE. She must know the characteristics of each practice of pregnancy and obstetrics. She must know all “for” and “against”. They exist in EVERY method. But before that she needs to KNOW HER OWN BODY. Because it is the perfect mechanism for the birth of a child after all!

Of course, the body of today’s woman is not developed and ready for natural processes as it was several generations ago. The main reason is inactive lifestyle. But the mechanism of bearing and birth of the offspring is not changed. The successful pregnancy and childbirth depends on want of the future mother and her willingness to work with her own body.

It is important not to be afraid of anything but to learn.


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