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Pose of the Day. Utthita Trikonasana

“Well, here we come!”, you might say when you read this article’s title. Yes, Utthita Trikonasana is one of the pillars of classical yoga. So we are can’t get away from it.

When I was just starting to learn this asana, I remember I was sincerely wondered, how people can stand still and pretend to be happy and blissful?!. This can not be! It’s hard to believe it when you feel that here something is shaking, some place hurts, there is no stretch at all, and still you have to do something with your hand and head. And there is no chance to take a breath!

This position is hard to do and it needs too much effort. But this is what is yoga about. Today Trikonasana is one of the basic meditative poses in my arsenal! Yes! I love it. Now.

You see that we can’t avoid difficulties. But it will be interesting to meet the new yourself with impressive capabilities. Get ready: it will be difficult, annoying, painful, sometimes very irritative. But it WILL be! This means that you are PRACTICING! This is great!

So, where do you start from? Remember that this asana is a complex one. It is working on a group of large muscles, as well as paravertebral and small ones. It makes us work with most efficiency. Also, there are a decent number of contraindications you need to know about before you practice it. You must advise with the competent teacher about it. You won’t do Trikonasana using only this article, will you? No? Are you sure? Then let’s move on!

1. Stand up straight, make a wide step with your left foot to the side. The torso is extended upwards, feet are on the ground.


2. Turn left foot aside. Turn the right toe inwards so that the outer side of the foot is pressed on the ground. From this point, we will build traction of the pose. Extend the body up to the iliac bones, stretching the sides. Continue the traction. Tilt your body to the left and expand towards left-up-diagonal. Remember that the main criterion of the right performance is not the compressed side but stretched inner (i.e. left) side.


3. Lock this position. Try to find stability to withstand muscular tension. Of course, it is hard to breathe. The next step is to drop the left hand down. Do it gradually, without trying to put palm to the ground. Let the hand stay where it will be natural for it in this moment. You can leave it on the hips, on the thigh, on the shin or on the left foot.

If I could fix this posture, try to pull the right hand upwards. Reveal the palm while stretching from the centre of the chest to the fingertips of both hands. Do not pull shoulders to the ears and don’t twist torso inside.


4. If you are “not scattered” in the pose, continue stretching from the centre of the chest. Then lengthen the right (upper) hand up-left-diagonal. Try to extend the stretch, taking the shoulder on the head. This will be the option of Utthita Trikonasana, outstretched posture of the Triangle.


5. If you achieved some success in practice and want to step up to another level then try the option of Trikonasana with the capture of the left thigh with your right hand. This will add intensity to stretching and will work out shoulder joints deeper.


Be consistent and attentive to your sensations. Set for long study yourself. The true practice does not need rush!


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