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Pose of the day. Utthita-hasta-padangusthasana.

“Pose of the day” is a daily hint of correct practice for your health and good mood! Practice with pleasure every day!

Today’s pose is Utthita-Hasta-padangusthasana, or “Pose of stretched out arm with toe grip”. Yes, the both of them: the name and the asana are difficult. But with the proper power balance it is possible to do. And it will let you to get deeper into your yoga practice.

This asana helps you to develop balance and trains the stabilising muscles. It is an example of an advanced practice achievement. The mobility of the legs and hips joints is achieved. The flexibility of muscular-ligaments of the lower limbs is improved and the iliac-sacral zone is much stronger. If this asana is done incorrectly it can make you cry.

Well, let’s start!


1. First, we need to align the position of the body in Tadasana. We must fix the prop on the right foot, to ease the left leg and pull knee up. We will align the thigh parallel to the ground (for the beginners) or pull knee above (for more experienced practitioners).


2. The next step is to work the hip-joint, while staying in balance on the supporting leg. Preheat the hip and knee joints. Then stretch the ankle, hamstring, and back muscles of the thigh and buttocks.



3. Do not forget also to warm up the ligaments and to increase the mobility of the hip-joint, having worked with variations. Because the good amplitude of thigh rotation and the stability of the torso will allow you to move in the right direction of the final asana practise.


4. And finally, we try version of Utthita-Hasta-Padangusthasana!
We grab the big toe of the left foot in “yogic” way. The index and middle fingers grasp the base of the big toe and the thumb covers it as the “cap”. At first we stabilise the balance and try to move the left leg aside. At the same time we straighten the knee and move the left foot upwards in the diagonal. Don’t be afraid of falling. This is an important part of the practice.

Be slow and patient and the body will soon begin to repay your efforts!


5. Want to complicate the task? There is nothing easier! Test the other variations of twists and grabs of thigh with extra support! It will be funny, difficult and very interesting!




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