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Pose of the day. Tiryaka-Tadasana.

“Pose of the day” is a daily hint of practice for your health and good mood! Practice with pleasure every day!

Today’s “Pose of the day” is “Tiryaka-Tadasana” (Side tilts from standing position).

1. Follow Tadasana, the Mountain pose. Spread body weight on feet. Align the torso to the central axis, lock the “Mula-Bandha” (“root lock”). Get the tail bone down and inwards, strain buttocks together with the lower press and the front surface of the thigh. Relax your eyes.

2. Inhaling, pull hands up, not relaxing Mula-Bandha.

3. Take a breath again and pull the body left-upwards-diagonal, trying not to compress the left side. Hold this position for several breathing cycles.

4. Return to centre and repeat on the other side.

5. Run 2-4 times in each direction and fix yourself in Tadasana.
Tiryaka-Tadasana significantly reduces the body asymmetry, enhances the immune system and wakes your body up well!


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