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Pose of the day. The side stretching.

Today we will be short, targeted and persistent. Many yoga poses need body sides stretching. And the endless striving for the perfect figure adds more passion to practice!

In our today’s agenda few interesting and effective ways of side stretching! Let’s start!
Anyone who is familiar with yoga practice will mention a couple of asanas, in which one or both sides stretch. For example Parshvakonasana (the Sanskrit name of it, stands for the position’s purpose), Parighasana, Utthita Trikonasana and so on…

In fact, you must understand the symmetry of your own body, its capabilities and features of its movements under certain angles. The joint positions listed above will not let you feel local elements. They gather already prepared fragments altogether. So, let’s help our body to do it!

1. A very effective option for asymmetrical work through of the side stretching in a standing pose. The original position will be Tadasana (“Mountain pose”): the feet are pelvis width or a bit wider. Adjust it according to your feelings and work capabilities. While stretching up from the tops of the iliac bones (does everyone remember where they are?) start to point your body, “to the right-upwards-diagonal”. Keep the vertical stretching and don’t squeeze the left side. At the same time, the right hand hangs down relaxed. More experienced practitioners can capture with the left hand the right side/top of the iliac bone and turn the left shoulder out.


Secure the stretching for a few breathing cycles. Return to Tadasana. Follow with the other side. This exercise helps to build a body picture and to understand how the muscles work for both sides. You can find the asymmetry and work with it.


2. Another one great exercise that combines it all: the asymmetric stretching, working on balance and strengthening the muscles of the lower torso. From Tadasana do the Ardha-Garudasana (“half pose of an eagle”) with feet twisted. Align the torso to the centre line and try to repeat the same stretching as in the previous exercise. This option is more complicated. It requires more concentration and effort on small muscles-stabilizers. But what effect you will see!


Run it in each direction, make a stop for a few breathing cycles. Try to keep the body in vertical position and not fall forward.


Wish you a good practice!


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