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Pose of the day. The balance on insteps.

“Pose of the Day” is a daily part of the right practice for your health and good mood! Practice every day with pleasure!

Most of the yoga beginners are asking the question: ‘Where actually does yoga start from?’ Does is start with Trikonasana or Tadasana? Or does is start from pranayamas or compliance with internal and external purity?
If we look at the physical side of the question, my answer is: ‘Yoga begins with feet’.

About ten years ago I visited one rare seminar of an Indian Guruji (I don’t even remember his name). I remember in a small gym there were about 50 people eager to learn the authentic practice. The teacher was explaining something in his broken English. The translator tried to convey to us what he was talking about. We tried to practice a lot and did not quite understand where was that yoga when people easily stand on their head and do amazing splits?!.

When I sat down to write some notes after practice, out of habit I dragged my knees and tucked the toes under myself. For me, it was always a natural pose. And then unattainable in its coolness, the Master stopped the class. He pointed his finger at me and proclaimed to the audience: ‘Here — the feet of a real yoga!’ All fifty people rushed to examine my poor feet. They asked me how can I do it, what I feel, etc. I huddled at my knees and mumbled that I always felt so comfortable to sit so.

Then the crowd of concerned students began to ask the Teacher why did he say so. He replied with significance: “Yoga begins with feet”.

That seminar marked the beginning of my deep journey into the practice. Since then I am feet fetishist. All my students know about it. I decided to find out what do the feet hide and why the yoga starts with them.

Today, as the pose of the day I chose for you a training sequence, for detailed study of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus of feet and ankle. Nearly all my lessons begin with it.

1. Do a small test at the beginning. Try to sit on the toes, holding the balance. Do this with the support of the hands on the floor at first.


2. Then, when you find the balance, try to transfer your hands on your hips or clasp your knees.


3. Then get down on your knees, after completing Vajrasana (Diamond pose). Trim the pelvis, straighten your back and distribute the pressure on the ankle and outer part of the foot.


4. And now the real yoga begins! Maintaining pelvis still and stretch the back. Try to lift up the knee one a leg then another. At the same time stretch the front arch of the foot. All the movements are smooth and hold at the end point for 2-3 breathing cycles.


Do 4-5 lifts on each side. Then relax your feet and body.


5. And for a dessert: if you have reached a certain stability and mobility in the previous variants, challenge yourself to balance on insteps. At the same time try to raise both knees and fix the balance. Hold the position for a few breathing cycles. Keep the back elongated, open your diaphragm.


Be consistent, track your sensations with care and practice regularly! You will be successful!


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