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Pose of the day. Svarga Dvijasana.

“The pose of the bird of Paradise”, or Svarga Dvijasana is one of the indicators of confident practise and experience of yoga trainee. This asana combines standing balance, and intense asymmetrical stretching and lateral grip. And of course a wide smile on one’s face, when all elements are finally put together!

Many people select complicated asanas, to try to improve their performance. But for me, this does not work. In my case, everything must happen by itself when the body is ready for it and without much effort during the performance.
The same happened to the pose of the bird of Paradise.

Sure you must train and adapt your body to put in place basic components of the posture. First, it will help you to understand what is asana made from. Second, it will help you to get closer to that sweet moment of the first “flight” of your “Paradise bird”!

Let’s look at the basic elements and the practices that will help us.

1. Let’s start to increase hip joints’ mobility along with elasticity of the thigh’s back muscles and feet tendon. It may look a bit odd but a big part of the posture success depends on upwards leg stretching ability.


I suggest you train the designated areas with short local Vinyasa. In sitting position work through your right leg by grabbing it’s thumb if possible. Try to bend and straighten your knee, by trying to reach a complete extension.


Repeat 10-12 times. Change your position and do the other side.

2. The next step is to learn the twisting and gripping thighs with arms. In this case, all variations Marichyasana — “the posture of the Sage” will do. Try different variations of the legs. In this case, the less the first position is stable, the deeper you will be able to work out your shoulder joints and increase the capture possibility.


Be sure to work out both sides of the torso, revealing the asymmetry of the body and deepening the practice with care and step by step.


3. And finally, let’s try to gain height! But first, let’s build a confident support. Of course, we will practice Vrikshasana and it’s variations. But in the context of this topic, I want to suggest you do interesting variations of asymmetrical balance. Step-by-step they will bring your “bird of Paradise” to take off.

The first option — “Namaste.” The difficult point here is not so much the balance retention but in the full back extension and the alignment of the sides of the body. Try it!


The second option — “Let’s take off!” In the last step before the final version! Try to rotate the hip of your left leg outwards for successful “pose bird of Paradise”!


And finally, there it is: the Svarga Dvijasana! Stretch with your left toe to the sky, open your chest and …take off!..


Be sequential, accurate and insistent. And your “bird of Paradise” will spread the wings!


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