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Pose of the day. Sarvangasana and its variations.

“Pose of the day” is a daily hint practice for your health and good mood! Practice correct and with pleasure every day!

Inverted poses in yoga are a special topic. Their use is invaluable for health. They have a positive effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary system and venous return acceleration. But any of these practices have a lot of serious contraindications. For this reason, they need very careful and attentive attitude.

Let’s analyse one of the most popular inverted poses: the Sarvangasana, or “the Perfect posture for the whole body”. Today we will check some of its variations.

At first, let’s look what does make people be afraid of and make them feel themselves unconfident when they face Sarvangasana for the first time. This is the necessity to keep the body weight on the neck and shoulders. As professionals, we know that it is important not to keep but to distribute that weight. This gives already the correct direction to build pose.

Always remember that it is important to distribute the body weight on the cervical spine by “spreading” it over the floor. Then elongate the space between vertebrae and stretch the body upwards from the seventh cervical vertebra.
But, here we meet the first problem. How to prepare the cervical to this kind of load and keep it safe? No need to mention that before performing any kind of yoga practices you must advise a physician or experienced yoga therapist. You remember that, don’t you?

1. The most logical is, to begin with Shashankasana, or “Pose of the Hare”. By the way, it is the forerunner of Shirshasana “headstand”, so do not neglect it! From Balasana (“Posture of Child”. We have discussed it before) lower your forehead at its hairline point to the floor and hold yourself with your hands over the heels/ankles. Lift the pelvis up and roll to the top of your head. By doing this keep the equability and symmetry of motion.


Please note that the cervical and partly of thoracic stretched upwards. The shoulders drawn from the ears. The body weight distribution is on the central part of the head. Repeat this asana few times, staying in it for a few deep breathing cycles.

Warning*: people with hypertension or high blood pressure tendencies are not recommended performing this asana for long-term fixation! I also recommend doing it with an experienced instructor.

2. Preparing the cervical and thoracic zones, you can try to pass to Sarvangasana. But do not rush to pull the entire body up to a single vertical line. At first work through the balance and make sure that your body weight is distributed correctly. To do this, try to do it with knees bent.


Whatever the position of your feet is, be sure that the equal stretching upwards is done from the seventh cervical vertebra in both directions.

3. It will be great if you also add a twisting element to mentioned pose and try to pull both knees towards one ear and then to another. The original position is left unchanged.


This is a great practice for legs’ and pelvic varicose veins, for diseases of the reproductive organs and for the conception preparation. Use it for your health! Repeat on each side for 3-5 times, keeping the equal spine stretching. Take a smooth breath.


4. After you work through the balance and when you believe in your abilities, try to do Sarvangasana. The basic points are: the extended cervical spine, the symmetric stretching up from shoulder to toes, Mula-Bandha in the lumbosacral zone, even breathing.


Do not be afraid of falling, be afraid of missed opportunities! Good practice!


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