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Pose of the day. Intensive stretching of wrist tendons.

“Pose of the day” is a daily portion of the right practices for your health and good mood! Practice with pleasure every day!

While plunging into yoga practice we become hostages of familiar poses and training facilities! We repeat the Surya-Namaskar or stretch out in Utthita Trikonasana for many times.

But we never pay attention to the unknown aspects of body work. We still keep on doing shapes and forms that we learned before.

But any yoga practice follower is supposed to search for more and more new sensations, for new segments of pain, for the new quality of the body. All these can be obtained only with trying new little-known techniques and detailed practice of new variations.

Any mechanism can work out new things if before it is put to pieces and analysed in details. So today we’ll go with a very interesting element of yoga therapy practice. It works for muscles of wrist ligament and of the forearm and shoulder joints.

Let’s call this exercise “the Intensive stretching of the wrist tendons”.

This practice will need your attention to every little sensation of the body. You will need also prudence, consistency and persistence. In return, you will be granted the increased mobility of the hands. There will be no tension in the wrists after intense work at the computer or car driving. And finally, this exercise will prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Let’s get started!

DSC_09971. Slowly get down on the floor with belly downwards. Raise yourself leaning on hands and turn the fingers inside one by one. Look for smooth movements and don’t overdo it at the beginning of practice. Give yourself a chance to get used to new sensations. Hands press the floor evenly.

DSC_09992. Once the position of the hands is set and stabilised, try to lower your hips to the floor slowly. Hands and fingers evenly press the floor.

DSC_10013. When you increase your practical capability try to rotate your shoulders back and down gradually. This way you increase strain on the wrist tendons and aligning the lines of hand joints. Be very careful and slow!

DSC_10024. Could you do it? Then try to stay is this final position for a few breathing cycles. The shoulders are down and you feel the tension!

DSC_09945. In the end of practice loosen the wrist joints (if necessary, mash them dynamically), lower back and shoulders. Analyse your sensations in details.



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