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Pose of the Day. Getting ready for “Lotus” pose on stairs.

We all look for perfection. However, everyone goes on his own way… A harmonious yoga practice gives you perfection of body control which is one of the keys to a happy life. In yoga, there are several criteria for body perfection. The beginners and average practitioners these are: “Lotus”, “Splits” and “Headstand”.

Well, we will not go too far but try to have a new look at the preparation for one of the desired “perfections”: the Padmasana or the “Lotus pose”.

Use an unusual place for today’s yoga class — the stairs. You can find it any time and everywhere. It is more pleasant to find yourself on clean wooden stairs, then the spit-covered stairwell. It is about the subjects of Souci Yama and Niyama: the basic concepts in yoga philosophy. The purity of body, thoughts, home, and the realisation of these principles in life.

So you managed to find the stairs of your dreams: it’s clean, private and at your disposal for the next ten minutes. Well, let’s get to practice!

1. While preparing for any the Lotus pose it is necessary to work through the hip joints. As well the complex of ligaments, muscles and tendons of the thighs and buttocks. There are lots of interesting and useful movements. I hope that you use it with success.

Now we are interested in the Warrior pose variation consisting of twisted balance. Running a similar pose on smooth and sloping surfaces, you will feel the difference in loading on the hip joints and the thighs. To adjust the degree of stretching of the inguinal surfaces is simple as keeping the balance. You need to choose an upper stair or the one below.


Try to stay in pose for several breathing cycles and do the asana on the other side. I would recommend doing this exercise 2-3 times on each side.

2. The next element is the real study of the hip rotators and stretching of thighs’ tendon-ligament The suggested option for practice is very like the variation of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, or “Royal pigeon half-pose”. But, if we look and analyse the chink to thigh position, we also can see Agni Stambhasana (“pose of kindling the inner fire”) and “pre-lotus” rotation in the hip. Well, it will be interesting to try it!


In time I recommend achieving a horizontal and lying on the step’s surface foot. In this case, it is the right foot. It is worth remembering about the lowered shoulders, expanded chest and body upwards.

The optimal number of repetitions on each side is 3-5 times.

3. To merge the worked through actions and feelings we do “half-lotus” sitting option. This practice is good because it gives the opportunity to align the back even to beginner. It is more difficult to do in sitting position, because there is change in height of the supporting leg. Also, the working foot is also worked out in hip joint and ankle areas.


Do some dynamic up-down movements with working leg. Then hold this position for several breathing cycles. As in previous practices, repeat 3-5 times on each side.

When you study and work these variations through, you can reach the top of the success in your practice!


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