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Pose of the day. Bakasana.

“Pose of the day” is a daily hint of practice for your health and good mood! Practice with pleasure every day!

Balances on hands are the most difficult topics in the practice, especially for women. By nature, the lower part of a woman’s body is physically stronger than the upper one. Because women are made for pregnancy, childbirth and care, gathering. An inverse relationship is for man’s body. Their upper part is developed better. Because they were made as hunters, tribe protectors, dwelling builders.

Yet yoga practice allows women to develop strength of arms muscles and shoulder girdles. To men, it allows achieving greater sustainability and mobility in the legs and torso.

Today, as the pose of the day we will discuss Bakasana the “Crane Pose” in an interesting dynamic option.
Bakasana is quite doable balance in the hands even for beginners. The point here is not so much in the strength of hands’ muscles but in the ability to distribute body weight right.

For good practice, you will need flexible back and warmed up shoulder and wrist joints. I propose to achieve this through dynamic compilation practice from standing position.

1. Stand in Tadasana, pull hands up and do the Mula-Bandha.


2. Perform the dynamic compilation of “standing back bend — round the back standing”. Try to keep hands clasped, turning shoulders and extending elbows while bending back. Scapulae are rounded and stretched forwards while relaxing. Repeat for 5-10 times. In each position stop for 2-3 respiratory cycles.



3. Getting to Bakasana, remember that the important point is not taking your feet off the ground. You must “pack” your body good and get your knees up to your underarms. Practice this soft option, with the elbows bent.


4. If you feel ready to improve your practice, try dynamic compilation “Bakasana-Ardha Shirshasana”. Lowering head to the floor will be soft and passive if you do the Crane pose with confidence. But to get back to Bakasana from half headstand you will need to work hard!



Wish you interesting practice!


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