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Ode to the fatherhood!

A new February morning with a tremendous dawn over the sea… In a moment the nature will pour its colours on the Sunny Beach of Spain, and life will take to the cycle of events of a new day! Moms will take their children to schools and gardens and scatter on business. But, stop! Why only mothers? Don’t we have dads in Costa del Sol? Can’t be! Today I’m going to restore justice and glorify paternity!


Which tandem is the most common in the world? The one of “Mom and kid” is. Almost all female animals, somehow are with their offspring after birth. For thousands of years mammals have developed a special way of postnatal baby support — the breastfeeding. It softens newborn babies’ adaptation and is an indispensable source of nutrition in the first months of life.

The man, like an animal mammal, is also called by nature to go through the whole cycle of breastfeeding, which means the mother and baby are stay together while the father procures food. Yet, with the evolution of man, the structure of interaction between mother and newborn has changed.

Today there are many ways to replace breastfeeding, which does not mean the mother’s presence near baby for every moment. This is not good or bad. This is our today’s life. After all, many mothers are deprived of a full-fledged feeding mechanism due to the incorrect action of hormones, for example. The others must return to work immediately after birth, some refuse breastfeeding for aesthetic reasons. But the point in this article is not about breastfeeding or blaming.


So, we found out that the mechanism that binds mother and baby in the first year of life – the breastfeeding — is not the only possible one. And this means that the interaction “mom-baby” turns into the relationship “adult-baby”, where adults can be any member of the family. Most often they turn out to be dad.

How wonderful it is! To see how a “big and formidable father” in a moment turns into a “gentle dad” with whom you can do anything, anything! Tenderness, love and attention to the baby at the same time go off scale!

I have often observed how father and son play. I can not play so though I am the mother! On the example of our family history I can say that father and child have a unique, only for them understandable language of body movements, sounds, actions. Our son more and more prefers to play with dad. Of course, who can throw him higher and catch and who so twists-binds-in-knot-untie him with no fear? Are you scared? I am not! After all I must try very hart to make the baby happy and make him laugh the same way! Today, more and more often daddies spend time with kids, while mothers are at work or they rest for half-hour. The modern father will not confound the question “What size diapers to buy?”, “How to prepare a pap?”, “What should baby be able to do in six months”, and so on. Our dads boast about the successes and fun moments of their kids, meeting on a walk. This does not mean that they became “moms”. They became the “latest version of the super-father”!

Every day I sing an ode to fatherhood, watching my men! Inspired by our friends’ examples with full harmony in family despite the seeming change of roles. Well, inspiration once again did its job! Watching how my men spent the time in healthy and useful way I created a separate practice for JoyKid program call “Daddy’s Hour”. After all, the kid should always bring joy to both mom and dad! In program “JoyKid. Daddy’s Hour” you will find exercises and practices with for dads to communicate and deal with their babies. Here everything is clear, concrete, useful. Like dads do. But with love, affection and tenderness. Like moms do.

Dad’s capabilities differ from mom’s capabilities in many ways. Besides, a lower degree of fear for the health and well-being of child (“oh, don’t hold it so on your hands, it will fall!”). These allow developing the baby more in physical and mental way. And this is the universal progress, to which we all aspire! In most of the practices, dads remain “behind the scenes” — “Well, I’m not going to do yoga with a baby (or swimming and developing groups), where there are only mothers around!”
You can celebrate now, fathers! Because there is a practice, where mother will feel a little uncomfortable, and only you will be able to deal with your precious children! By the way, I’m ready to invite you to the presentation of the program “JoyKid. Daddy’s hour.” So dear mothers, love your men, appreciate their individual approach to the upbringing of your kids and never stop to admire their strength and tenderness!

With love, daughter, lover and mother Maria Shishkina.


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