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Spanish notes. Three years.

Today is exactly three years, as we live in Spain. Moving here was not just a new milestone in the history of my family, but also a serious challenge, a complete change of opinions and views, opening a new Universe.

Since my childhood I’ve dreamed of living in a house by the sea. Warm sea. Where the sun shines all year round and people smile at each other when they meet. Quite spontaneously in the 8-9 class I began to learn Spanish – I liked it.. The images of passionate bullfighters and dancers, bright feelings and colors popped up in my head every time when someone pronounced “Spain” …dsc_0200

But there was no idea of ​​moving here. Fortune brought. The happiest and, I think, deserved. After all, about what you sincerely dream, it will come true!

A job offer as a personal a yoga therapist is also in a famous family moving to Marbella literally cut my life into two parts. Cold Moscow with a successful business and exhausting traffic jams with a young son on his hands sparkled with the thought of the tale embodied in reality. We began to prepare.

The move and consolidation here cost serious money, time and nerves. I did. To be proud of. Did not disappoint on a iota of myself and my son. Parents. State. All right. All to be honest. Started our three years.What can I say, very understanding of the fact that you live in a large house on the seafront in one of the most beautiful places in the world I cannot describe the level of happiness that rages at you every second. I enjoyed any work, sand and sea all year round, perfect in all respects the child of a beloved son, by night and soaked in the sweet scent of Dama de Noche, beautiful people on the street, smiles…

Going for a run along the paseo, the first thing I did naturally was thanking Life for what it Is. Right now. Mine.

In Russian. In English. And now in Spanish.

Such tests strength, as here I never experienced in my life. In one second — without work, without money, with the possibility of a single choice to buy a one way ticket to Russia or to survive here. I never gave up on their Dreams. And will not back down. With a smile, I turned a critical situation over the last month in a successful new round of career and went fully into a solo voyage in a foreign country. I proved to myself that I was in the right place. My. In the right time. My. I can do anything. ALL.

Now my son is fluent in three languages (of course, the priority now has shifted to Spanish. it is logical — Matthew goes to public school), has lots of friends and a loving family around.

I am:

  • smiling wantonly and with pleasure (for which he was stopped in the Russian airport for “additional verification”, funny))
  • don’t buy mascara because it dries faster, than I start to use it. And do not buy cosmetics
  • train everywhere and when you want (SUP, yoga, running, hiking…)
  • prefer walking parties
  • know an ideal skinny dipping at night on a public beach (Yes, we have summer nights all the beaches are crowded))
  • do makeup only on major holidays, then wear heels (make-up involves painting the eyelashes is super-high!)
  • no plans, but perfectly allocate time
  • know three languages and communicate in every of them
  • running around at 12 at night (in summer is the best time!)
  • well versed in the varieties of avocado and mango, seedlings of everything that can grow, fish, local cuisine
  • love and trust people


Yes, I am  an “extranjero”. But with a beautiful Andalusian accent and own a slice of Happiness on this wonderful land!..

Three years. To be continued…




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