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Mood of the day!

When did you enjoy nature around you for the last time without thinking about time and urgent things to do? We forget this feeling: the unity.


When you are a child, you imagine yourself being an ant hurrying along the forest path, a mushroom with a big bright hat, a fast squirrel, colourful autumn leaves. You erase the boundaries between “I” and “it.” You become the world.

In yoga philosophy the concept of unity with every living being is followed at any stage of practice. It can be asanas (which names are, by the way, given in the likeness of phenomena or inhabitants of the surrounding world), or a set of personal rules and norms (ahimsa, or non-violence as one of the basic Principles of life), or meditative bliss …


In my opinion, it makes no sense to try at all costs to erase the boundaries of the personal space and try to imagine yourself as a grass-hare-cloud … it makes sense to let it go.


Did you try it? Is it hard to do? Yes, it is!

An adult man can not start jumping like a deer, without any reason. He will make people around him laugh.

It is not necessary to do so. Let’s do it in different way. You are already used to the fact that yoga practice is a normal way of spending time for a modern citizen. And by the way, a couple of decades ago people could call you “deer”)))


So, let yourself to be near the nature and find a stunning beautiful place and begin practising. You can do the famous Surya-Namaskar, a couple of your favourite exercises. Do with a very serious face. Because, this is a very important mission. But do not stop admiring the world around for a moment. Don’t smile because the people who will look at you and other inhabitants of the local fauna will not understand you.


Be honest and imperfect. Do this as often as possible. And then, you’ll see, in one day you will hurry after the ant on the forest path, counting on the move all the shades of the spring mixed colours!


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