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Let’s rock! Proper fit for for bright practice.

I cannot avoid this subject any more! Remember, three years ago, many of you started bombing me with questions “where did I find such wonderful/beautiful/comfortable/unusual… leggings for yoga practice and photo sets?”

I answered then “I sew it myself!” But when the level of requests to have the same ones has exceeded the critical level, I just had to bring to life your dream of bright practice!

The first experience on daily yoga “colouring” we had with good friend of mine Veronika Krynitskaya. Veronika is the head of “Mantra” yoga studio in Kostroma. It happened after my workshops on the courses “The Art of Birth” and the program of JoyKid joint practices for teachers and good practice lovers.

We decided to offer girls-teachers “rainbow” uniforms for bright and positive practice! And we did it! The girls continue to use them at new studio space till today!

12458_1389454587941913_1676826734_n             1920173_1389454557941916_1340109986_n

Now it is your turn, my dear students, readers, listeners and watchers!

Today each one of you can become part of our vibrant, positive and colourful yoga world, carrying on good practice and fun!

For now I’m looking forward to getting the first samples made by professionals from a special sports fabric, which I have chosen for each pair of leggings.

10624915_10201931454247925_705119666559997226_n    1960006_10201931449087796_5268960227281698882_n    10670069_10201931452167873_3372418326786937644_n

We have worked together for long time. We worked on developing patterns for leggings which could meet the sports and technical requirements including:

— the convenient waist (which is high enough to support the stomach and to give a beautiful shape to the figure during even the most complex and curious asanas);

— tight fit on the thighs and buttocks. Remember that awkward moment in a yoga class when you see someone’s panties or even buttocks part? Maybe that happened to you as well?;

— elastic, absorbent and quick-drying fabric;

— wrinkle-free and do not need special care;

— very compact when collapsed and can fit well to any figure;

— and, of course, bright, beautiful and durable image!

DSC_0152   DSC_0160

These are my personal requirements which I have worked out testing each pair of leggings that were in my yoga life. I use mine for more than four years. And they look the same as on their first day.

Few words about the fabric. We have chosen thick English biflex fabric of high quality. Many professional athletes prefer this fabric for its durability, beauty and versatility. Yet, I must say that to find this kind of fabric is very difficult. But it is possible for us! Today I’m sharing with you photos of our samples. They are waiting for serious trials and tests, as well as you do!

10660198_10201931451567858_5470449725489465284_n   DSC_0164

Order the right pair for your bright practice! And smile more in class and in your life!


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