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Karma. Well-known, repeatedly disassembled the various philosophical teachings and yogic schools concept. Action. Accommodation. Existence, predestined by a higher power.

For me karma is a Deal. Linked, clearly and logically written out on the form and Fate sent to your personal Inbox. How often do you check your email? No, not email, not “grandmother’s vintage” mail box nailed to the door, and your personal, internal mail box of the Universe?..

What Business came for you today in the mail from the Universe? Will be able to read? And find first in a pile of abandoned letters in the mind? And to find the key to the drawer in the heart and gently open edge of the envelope a thin blade of enlightenment?..


Most of us don’t even know that the universe on a daily basis (if not more) sends to the personal address of each email with a new Case. Your will — to access or store in the dust of the subconscious, obediently waiting for the cleaning lady-Death in one fell swoop will clear all the blockages.

Many open, but starting to read, bored and store it away for “later”. So one Thing brings new and karmic law comes into force: “Until you’re ordained, don’t get rid of the cycle of repetitions.”

But sometimes we receive letters marked “Extremely urgent!” Do we see them? Know how to read? Scared time to change a habitual life in a wink to the bouncer-Case? Scary. But such is Karma. Do and get. Live, and will be.

But who to be? You know, for example, who you are destined to be? ‘ve read in my letter from the Universe? Someone since the childhood was lucky enough to dismantle incomprehensible handwriting someone a letter with a purpose to the universe are hidden from parents, friends, loved ones in the drawer as nagogue and wrong choice… Someone is waiting…


Restart the system! Change the passwords. Clean your computer from viruses, because of the writing fly to you every day, but hopelessly piled into the “Spam”…

You know, to tell you the truth, I do not trust this service… postal Delays do happen, and the addresses are confusing… then Find fault in not living your life…

I imagine such a program installed. Called OpenSKY. Conveniently, Wi-Fi, are free.

Go out, look up in the sky…and read all their letters, folded in neat piles constellations. Mistakes can not be. Your eyes. Your heart. Your soul. It’s Your Karma.

P. S: If the program failed, will restart life. And start yours.



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