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JoyKid Special — Special Program for Special Children

Yoga therapy for children with serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, cerebral palsy, etc. is developing effective health practice.

JoyKid Special is a program of practices for children and teenagers with serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, developmental delay, diagnosis of cerebral palsy, autism and other motorial and mental disorders.
The tool kit of yoga-therapeutic practice allows adapting and diversify occupations for children with serious diseases. During the course, there is a consistent and stable adaptation of the child to new sensations, actions, reactions.


As a result, the child’s interest in the world around him and his own internal and external changes increase. The motorial abilities expand, and social adaptation is proceeding. It is worth to note the effectiveness of the practice for obtaining and fixing new patterns of movements, psycho emotional reactions, behavioural changes.

During the daily sessions after the first month, most practitioners noted:

  • decreased nervous excitement;
  • increased interest and, as a result, an increase in the number of new movements;
  • relaxation and diversity of facial expressions;
  • prevalence of positive mood during the day;
  • primary results on improving fine motorial skills (because of the development and strengthening of neuronal interrelations of the cerebral hemispheres);
  • improvement of appetite, regimen and quality of sleep and rest.

Practice in each individual case is built according to an individual program, but you can identify the main accents:

a) work with para vertebral muscles to strengthen and end dysfunction and passivity of the musculoskeletal back apparatus;
b) alignment of the spine line (correction of asymmetry, scoliosis and paralysis-like conditions);
c) compensatory load (multifaceted development of the musculoskeletal system, increase of the muscular strength in specific areas of the body, stretching and relaxation of the muscle blocks, increased trophic function of the tissues);
d) elimination of excessive muscle tone of the limbs and strengthening of interrelations of the peripheral and central nervous systems;
e) myoterapeutical practice for the construction of the arch of the foot and neutralization of walking “on tiptoe”, “club-foot” and other violations;
f) deep relaxation of the nervous system through motor-visceral interaction and fixing the result by specific practices;
g) development of facial expressions and speech apparatus;
h) social adaptation.


The lessons are conducted by the author of international programs JoyKid, JoyKidPROSport and JoyKid Special and yoga therapist with 12 years of teaching experience Maria Shishkina, Marbella, Spain.



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