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JoyKid master-class for mothers and babies older than 6 months.

The first six months is very important for baby’s development. During this period baby learns to crawl, makes its first attempts to sit and stand with support. For mothers, this is the period of hormonal stability and health improvement in general.

Being the part of Joykid course, the exercise below helps the mother to tune into further effective post birth recovery, and helps baby to explore new possibilities of its body.

1.Balance development
1a) — pick up baby with your hands and put it on left thigh with the knee bent. Lock into position, feel the balance.

1b) — take the left leg out to the side, trying to keep the thigh parallel to the floor. Hold the baby by its side. Hold for a few breathing cycles.
6.2Repeat for 5-7 times with each leg.

2.Work in pair.
2a) — put your feet on the floor as far as possible one from each other and lower the pelvis down. Baby sits on the mat facing you. Hold its arms.

2b) — straighten legs slowly, feet press the floor. Pull the pelvis upwards, continue supporting the baby.
2c) — if possible, straighten your knees and lean towards the baby.
2d) —slightly pull baby with its hands up, offering it to try to stand up. Pay attention to the control of baby wrists in your palms to avoid distension of joints white lifting up.
6.6Repeat the exercise for 3-5 times depending on baby’s mood.

3. Twisting together.
3a) — sit on the floor, straighten left leg, bend your right knee. Put the baby on the left thigh, let it lean on your bent leg.

3b) — stretch your body upwards, embrace baby with right hand and twist to the left.
3c) — return to the previous pose and twist to another direction by embracing baby with another arm.

4. Enjoy it!
4a) — lie on your back, bend your knees. Put the baby on the stomach face to face.

4b) — raise the pelvis up, trying to cheer the baby with funny faces as long as possible in this position!
Perform each exercise for as long as baby likes it.


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