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JoyKid. Master-class for mothers and babies after 3 months old.

JoyKid is a program by Maria Shishkina, a yoga teacher, therapist and also, a mom. The program implies partnership practices and is effective for shared and personal practice.

The method bases on principles of yoga therapy. It is useful for young mother’s faster recovery after childbirth. It helps to develop and strengthen the emotional bond with a newborn, and to baby can adapt to the new world. The program is for personal use in “parent-child” couple. It is subject to the personal needs of participants and suggests a cosy indoor activity.

1.Turning of torso. This exercise allows the mother to work out the deep skeletal muscles, to strengthen press and improve posture. The baby learns to feel itself in space. It helps to strengthen baby’s vestibular apparatus.

1 a) stand with your feet hip distance apart, pull your tail bone down a bit, “pull” the spine. The baby is lying on its stomach on your right hand.

1 b) – with exhalation begin to twist to the right, keeping your chest parallel to the floor and turning the body. Stay for a while in this position, feeling the muscles of the back and press.
Return to first position and repeat exercise on other side. Perform 8-10 twists on each side.

2. Bending with twisting. This exercise develops the hamstrings flexibility and stretches mother’s spine. The baby learns to feel itself in an upright position.

2 a) — feet as wide as possible from each other. Try to straighten the knees, lock the position. The baby is facing you.

2 b) – bend down with exhalation, try to pull your back. Hold the baby under the knees with one hand, the other hand is behind its back.
2 c) — take a breath and exhale, twist the body to the left, moving the baby to your left foot. Hold the knees straight and the back is elongated. Lock the position.
2 d) — return to the centre and repeat on the other side, holding the baby.
Run 6-8 twists in each direction.

3. Train press together. This good practise for mom increases the abdomen tonus, accelerates the post birth recovery and is fun for baby!

3 a) — lie on your back, bend your knees and put the baby opposite your face so that its back rests on your hips with comfort. Hold baby in your arms. Press the lower back to the floor.

3 b) — exhale, lift shoulder blades off the floor and tighten your press, and hold the position. Look at the baby, smile at him or make funny sound, attracting its attention.
Repeat about 12-15 times, keeping a comfortable rhythm.

4. Snake. A classical yoga asana, performed together with the baby. It helps mother to strengthen her back and arm muscles, and baby is learn to lie on its tummy. Note: you can use baby’s favourite toy to hold its attention.

4 a) — lie on stomach with face to face with baby, place the hands under the shoulders, tuck your elbows to your body, straighten your legs.

4 b) – with an inhalation, push down with palms from the floor, trying to straighten the arms and open the chest. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
Perform 6-8 times, trying to gradually increase motion amplitude.



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