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JoyKid After Year. “Bringing up the Champion”

“Bringing up the Champion” (the results of JoyKid program with regular practice since birth, as well as forecasts for the future with JoyKid. After a Year program).

Very often people ask me, how is my son doing? Are there any classes for kids 1+? When the official presentation of the program JoyKid. After Year will be?

I answer in order — my son is, or rather, we are wonderful. We continue studying and researching the results of practice JoyKid. After a Year program.

We are collecting material for you. We accumulate both positive and negative experience of practice, carry out research and note the results. We do all this so that your grown-up kids, who took a high bar in their development in basic JoyKid program, could set new records along with the new program JoyKid. After Year!

And it’s not about setting new records of physical possibilities! Well, that our students already know it.
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So, here is a short report about our practice with Matvey.

Yes, let’s not rely only on the JoyKid lessons, because they are designed to help show the child’s potential, and not to build a superhero (although sometimes they can!). I must say that Matvey from birth has infinite energy, he can’t sit still. He has a lot of strength and good endurance. But our studies in a group of children with similar first data give us the opportunity to assume that the practice of JoyKid from a very early age give visible physical and mental advantages.


On the photo — our special practice on street training devices in the framework of the JoyKid. After a Year program.


Matvey, 2 years, 1 month.

– Hang on the crossbar: more than 10 seconds;
– Lifting on the crossbar: from 3 to 6 (with insurance);
– Climbing in a rope house (height 3.5 meters) without help;
– Jumping from the hang in the sand from a height of up to 1.8 meters alone;
– Passing on a narrow crossbar without the help of hands – without support.

Various actions with training devices and endless jogs that you can see on the video. And, by the way, the official presentation of the program JoyKid. After Year is coming soon!




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