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Jogging, yogging, living.

Arriving for the first time to Marbella, you understand that everyone is jogging here! And if they do not jogging, they row on the surf and kayak, play volleyball, do yoga and Pilates on the beach and in studios, dance and stroll along the paseo!

Lovely sea, hot sun, fresh air and endless beaches … mmm! All this makes you to put on your sneakers and run or fast walk. Or only walk. Why not? You want to listen to Sting’s romantic ballad, waves sound, and some rhytmic disco beat and jogging at the same time!


If you live in Costa del Sol, you know that the sport has saturated in everything around. You can not escape it! Everyone from beginners to experienced athletes can find ideal training option for themselves. Yet, jogging is the most common sport here. I join this fashionable healthy trend and share some useful recommendations for all joggers from yoga therapy point of view. ,

So, you are a beginner or already experienced athlete. With an habitual gesture, you put on sneakers and go for a morning / evening jog. Great start! But first you should stay a little on the start line and prepare your body for a run.

As warming-up, you can choose classic tilt / twisting / stretching. You can add to your program some yoga therapy techniques. They contribute to more detailed and qualitative elaboration of the necessary muscle groups and the body. After you have done simple warm-up exercises and ready your body for work, try the variations of Anjaneasana – “Pose of the Crescent”. This asana develops the muscles elasticity of the front, back and inner thighs. It works well with the lumbosacral section and strengthens the muscular corset.

Do not try to “jump” into the pose at once. Lower your pelvis and stretch the muscles. This practice is fraught with serious damage to inguinal and popliteal tendons, overstretch of the hip muscles and even jamming the nerve roots of the lumbosacral section.

All actions are carried out smoothly and taking into account your readiness degree and sensations when practicing.


Stay in the pose for a few deep breathing cycles, noting your feelings and adjusting the situation if necessary.

Do one or two repetitions on each leg. Do not forget that the presented photos of asanas are given more as motivation and demonstration of your future achievements after regular practice.

The next exercise is the variation of Nataradjasana, or “Dancer’s Pose”. This asana stretches the front surface of the thigh, which is shortened without proper compensatory load during running trainings over time. The photos show several variations, use those that are right for you at the moment. Do one or two repetitions on each side.

One more must-have for our warm-up is the classic Buddha-Konasana, or the beloved “Butterfly Pose”. This asana is an excellent tool for increasing the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments of the hip joint. It is also included in practice for the reproductive system. It is important not to rush. Do not try to “put your knees on the floor immediately”, but gently adjust the degree of tension in the posture. Give the muscles and ligaments to get used to it.

Stay in this asana for a few breathing cycles, changing the degree of tension.

So, this mini set of asanas will be useful for both the beginner and intermediate joggers.

Train yourself with pleasure!

P.S.: If you see me in a Butterfly pose on the beach don’t be shy, you know what to do!



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