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Looking for inspiration.

We all look for inspiration. Everyone of us. Every day. Some find it in the dawn, or in the forest. Some find it in the laughter of a child, some wait for a “moon track” sprinkling silver over the night water. Some find it in smile of a beloved one.

We need inspiration like air. Without it the poet’s life is empty and meaningless and the life of an office worker is routine and aimless. Without inspiration life is not life.


“But where is yoga and inspiration?” — you may ask. After all, the yoga practice is subject to a strict plan, and the wise mentor always corrects and directs it. Why would we need inspiration here? You can practise without it. It’s simple and difficult to do. But without that inner impulse that brings tears of happiness there is no yoga.

We were students once who first crossed the threshold of the yoga class. Remember the moment when you wanted to follow your teacher no matter what. He was your inspiration.


Then you started practising more and more. Everywhere. At home, in nature, in the office, car… yes anywhere! Read thematic magazines, study special literature … The images and yoga poses became your inspiration at this stage. You go to class, attend seminars of various yoga instructors. You compare yourself more and more with your classmates. The “yoga-party” surrounds you and it becomes your inspiration.

You move on into practice. Beautiful clothes, rudraksha beads, graceful deflections and sharpened twists are already not enough. The teacher is more friend and brother than “the light of wisdom” and “Hanumanasana master.” And here comes the first moment of your true acquaintance with true yoga. Either you continue to look for this inspiration in the thousandth “Salutation to the Sun”, or you remain an “office manager” of yoga-hangouts.

Now you are left face to face with your practice.


My thirteenth year of yoga teaching and yoga therapy convinces me that there are at least two forms of yoga inspiration, without which true practice is impossible. It is inspiration for teaching and inspiration for learning. Both are different and come separately and sometimes are such long-awaited.

The inspiration for teaching comes when you are already overwhelmed with your own knowledge, which you want to share with the world, without expecting payment or approval for it. I will emphasize — not expecting. Because this comes from the heart. At the same time, the necessity of financial relationships with the world establishes certain values for the various knowledge that you share. But still you have to be ready to help for free of charge at any time. This is the criterion.


Being a teacher and having the inspiration for learning is the most difficult and interesting of all feelings. When you are at the very beginning of the journey, you are ready to absorb new knowledge day and night, listening to every word of the mentor. When you act as a mentor yourself, it is very difficult to step in a class as an apprentice.

But, I must tell you, this is an incomparable sensation — to feel the inspiration to learn! To learn from nature to enjoy every moment of life that will never happen again. To learn from your students the diligence and perseverance. To learn from teachers to practise the silence of “all-knowing mind”. To learn from the child the simplicity and truth of life …


Sometimes the inspiration to teach and to learn to merge into one stream, taking you to new horizons of practice. You swim and dissolve, while taking and giving yourself to yourself. At such moments, I practise yoga or better to say I live in yoga.

Because I breathe in unison with Life. I feel everyone as myself, and myself – as the cage of the single breath of the world …

Get in the queue for inspiration on the street, in morning traffic jam of a metropolis, near baby’s bed or in the arms of a beloved one!

Let your practice happen!



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