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Healthy pregnancy. The first trimester.

Well, it’s time for our next meeting! We are still on the Sunny Costa del Sol, relaxed and happy mood! But what else? Because there is such a beauty!..

Today I would like to talk about the magic period prior to childhood – pregnancy.


Oh, I believe that pregnancy is the real magic for woman! Not just because in the end she gets the Grand Prix, this little lump of happiness. But also she also gets inspired, have brilliant ideas, her career is growing up. Yes, don’t be surprised, all these happened to me for example! As well as the excellent physical shape. And this in only beginning!

The beginning of pregnancy is inspiring for every woman! The feeling that inside of you is pulsating new life is very exciting ! However, the future mother’s body dictates its own rules: morning sickness, mood swings, activity decrease and the desire to sleep all the time. Sure there are some lucky women and for them these symptoms remain unknown. Anyhow the process of pregnancy is complicated. And it needs much of responsibility, especially at the beginning!

The correct practice will make your first trimester easy and happy. During this time you get the good foundation for the rest of the pregnancy. Today I want to offer you a practical work-shop of yoga therapy for the first trimester of pregnancy. Warning: for safe and proper practice you definitely must advise with your doctor and yoga therapist. They will help you to find the main directions of working with the body in this period and create a proper plan for you. Every exercise has its contraindications. You should become familiar with them before you start. Are you agree?


I illustrate this article with my own pregnancy pictures to prove that with a proper everyday effort your body can be healthy and joyful!

Our first exercise — Work on feet in Dandasana (pose of the Staff). It will be very helpful throughout pregnancy. So start to teach your body to do this correct from now. Repeat this exercise for 8-10 times. Carefully note your sensations in the feet and in calf and thighs muscles.

a) – Initial position (IP) — sitting on ischial bones, back is straight, legs extended forward, the hamstrings stretched, palms on the floor. Pull feet to yourself, stretching the gastrocnemius and spreading the toes. Hold this position for about 5-8 seconds (don’t let feet cramps!).


b) — without changing the initial position, pull the feet from yourself, turning them to the floor and stretch the outer arch of the foot. Hold the position for 5-8 seconds. 


The following exercise — Vinyasa (dynamic sequence) in Vajrasana (pose of Lightning Strike) variations. This practice gives you a lot of pleasant sensations and prepares the spine for increasing load during the pregnancy. Do it for 12-15 times, keeping the average amplitude and smooth rhythm of movement with stable breath.

a) IP – sitting on the knees, back straight, palms on the knees (or hips), relying on the instep of the foot. With an inhalation, extend the spine, directing the top of the head up and move the shoulders back and down, open the chest forwards and sideways. Fill the body with air.


b) with exhalation, slowly round your back, keep the shoulders forward, the pectoral muscles and scapulae are working. Point the chin towards the chest, chest to belly, belly inwards towards the spine. Stretch side surface of the back from spine to ribs. Exhale to the end, try to feel the void at the end of exhalation. 


And another exercise — it is known well as Marjariasana (Cat pose) in the dynamics. In the first trimester of pregnancy, this exercise requires the most care and caution. Doctor’s permission is necessary. Yet, in the smooth pregnancy Marjariasana will be very useful for training spine flexibility! Do 10-12 repetitions, trying to synchronise the breath with movement.

a) – IP – stand on all fours, hands under shoulder joints, the fingers are spread and pressed firmly against the floor, knees under hip joints, feet hip distance apart. With an inhalation, gently round your back, pushing the palms and knees from the floor, pulling the thoracic spine as high up as possible, gently guide the chin to your chest.


b) – exhale, slowly straighten the back, the belly is towards the floor and pointing the tail bone and the crown up. Try to stretch the spine, avoiding excessive squeezing in the lumbar and cervical zones. 


Complete practice with Surya Bedana Pranayama and Chandra-Bhadana Pranayama (“solar” and “lunar” breathing). Take a comfortable position (sitting on your knees or with crossed ankles or lying down). Close the left (Surya-Bhadana Pranayama, see the picture) nostril and take deep long breath and exhale only through the right nostril. Try to align the inhale and exhale in the depth, duration and power. Perform pranayama as much as it is comfortable for you. As soon as you feel dryness in the right nostril and possible tingling, finish the action and follow Chandra-Bhadana Pranayama (breathing only through the left nostril).


These breath techniques teach you to track your sensations as well as harmonise and calm the nervous system.

Well, I’m sure that this article will inspire you to begin long and competent prenatal practice from the very first day of pregnancy! Well, of course me and “the Art of Birth” course are always at your disposal.




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