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Happy JoyKid-childhood on Costa del Sol!

I can’t stop admiring the sunny coast of Spain! Everything here is created for a paradise life! And, of course, it is in such conditions it is normal to want to create a family and raise children. Add to this the high level of medical and other services, the developed infrastructures of children’s institutions and the education system, the wonderful natural conditions and the all-absorbing love of the Spanish people to the kids. There is no space left for doubts!
But, a woman who has recently become a mother is everywhere. And she has lot of questions every day: “How to feed?”, “How to dress?”, “What to do?” And, most important, how to do it all, and even carve out a minute or two to rest herself?

Oh, how it is familiar to me! This vicious circle often turns a child into a devil in the eyes of a young mother, forcing her to dream of the soonest growing up of her child! But why?! After all, a child should bring joy at any age!
Based on my motherhood experience and many years of teaching practice, I created the JoyKid program — a program for mother and baby which is based on the principles of yoga and maternal love. What is the point?

Usually in such programs, one of the pair is engaged, the other one plays assistant’s role, or as a “supplement” for exercise.

The JoyKid program is designed for a full-fledged practice of two at the same time, using the resources of two organisms – baby’s and mother’s – to create an effective tandem! But the most important is the application of the principles and methods of yoga therapy in this kind of practice!
“And what is the novelty?” – you may ask. Of course, the principles of working in pairs are revealed in yoga lessons with a partner. Exercises for the youngest along with a children’s massage are well represented in the programs Baby Yoga and Baby Contact.

But look, how one of the parties in similar practices is underestimated! In pair yoga, your partner will most likely be a person who is appropriate for your constitution, age and abilities to maximize effective practice. With a baby, we cannot use a similar ratio.

On the practices of Baby Yoga and Baby Contact mothers play very often secondary role, I would even say that they “ancillary devices” with which the child learns about its body and the world around. And you do not want to miss this exciting process!

What does JoyKid do? In this program, I took as a basis the model of simultaneous full-fledged practice of two different body-complexes-categories, built on the principle of “and me and you.”

Mom, using his baby as a multifunctional “shell”, is engaged in effective in-house reconstruction without interruption from the child, and even in the joy of herself and the baby!

The child, relying on the mother’s abilities, does not interrupt the emotional and physical connection with her which is so important in the first months of life. It also learns, trains his body, develops thinking! And all this done with a cocktail of laughter and pleasure!
But the main advantage of the program is the consideration of the principles and possibilities of yoga therapy in application to a newborn’s little body. Imagine how many problems it helps to solve! This is a soft correction of injury injuries, the formation of immune properties of the body, stimulation of the development of internal organs with a well-functioning system of work. And also the possibility of effective help to your baby during the formation of the intestinal micro flora (for sure, every mom remembers this!), Training sphincters of the esophagus (which allows reducing the number of regurgitations) and so on.

I do not only see the effectiveness of this method, I also feel like my mother is beginning to want (and not to be forced) to be with the kids for as long as possible, being exhausted by the stress-sleeplessness- Without help! Is not this happiness !?

The JoyKid practice studios are all around the world today. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Indonesia, China … This list is growing every day! There are international training courses for JoyKid teachers.

And it came to Spain! Now you have a unique opportunity to attend classes on the JoyKid program in Marbella with me as a teacher and, in combination, the author of this program)

We always cooperate with children’s centres and children’s preschool institutions as part of the program’s dissemination and training of practitioners.
So, dear future and real moms, join us! We have lots of things to do) You can’t get away from me!)))


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