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Pose of the day. Hanumanasana.

“Pose of the day” is a Daily hint of the right practices for your health and good mood! Practice with pleasure every day!

If you ask a passer-by on the street, how does he see a yoga practitioner, be sure that he will tell you something about the Lotus pose, mantras chanting and good stretch. And how stretch is measured in fact? That’s right: in the splits.

We will not get into details of anatomical structure and personal capabilities of anyone. As today’s pose we take the Hanumanasana “The Pose of the Monkey King”, or splits. This asana belongs to the advanced class. This is obvious that it requires qualitative work of the muscular-ligaments of the thighs, moving hip-joints, opened groin, hamstrings stretched and moving feet.

Let’s imagine that you are already quite experienced and trained practitioner, having in its disposal all the tools for the Hanumanasana tasting.

Consider also that this practice has some serious limitations and contraindications. So be sure that you have a competent instructor who always near you, and who is able to offer the necessary help and to make a correction.

So, you finally decided to work on the splits.

The first thing you need to prepare all the major components for this pose. I recommend adding the following:

— Parivrita-Jany-Shirshasana (“Twisted pose, head to knee”);



— to work through well the feet and the inguinal ligaments;



— to increase hip and knee joints mobility. Also improve the elasticity of hip and knee the ligaments.

2. The next step is the real “dip” to the asana. Select a stable surface. Distribute weight evenly on both feet and centre your pelvis. Start to sink slowly to the level of the tangible, but unsaturated stretching. Find stability in the pose.


Try to align back, stretching up to the iliac bones.


3. If you feel that you are ready to move a bit further, then try, maintaining uniform tension of the back and legs. Make small tilts toward the knee of the outstretched leg. Fix the pose.



Be consistent, deliberate and persistent in your practice! And you will succeed!



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