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Eco, Bio and Organic. Choose a lifestyle.

All we know about nutrition is daily questioned and rethought. People live in the age of the information and technology but they want to return to their roots and eat the natural products. Today, the idea of bio, eco and organic is so popular that many people buy products with similar words on labels without hesitation, completely trusting the producers’ honesty. But, it is worth investigating what this system is about and how is it possible to find what is bio, eco or organic.

Organic products consist of organic ingredients. These products are produced without use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic herbicides and insecticides, GMOs, and antibiotics for farm animals’ treatment. According to organic standards, farm animals should not be in tight stalls or cages (the norm of the area per head is regulated), they need free grazing and walking.

Bio products, if we talk about the requirements for them, are similar to the organic ones. At their manufacture there are some indulgences. For example, animals can be kept in stalls without walking. The prefix “eco” means that the producers of these products do not harm the ecological system. For example, they don’t pollute rivers with production waste. The use of heavy chemicals is prohibited, but animals can be kept in bad conditions, with steroids in their food. For bio and eco products, there are also special certificates.


Can you imagine how difficult it is for a customer to understand? For me, the idea of buying “all organic” because it’s “fashionable”, “all yogis do so”, “it’s useful and generally it’s a lifestyle” is a failure, because the ignorance does not free from responsibility. What am I talking about? Imagine you bought everything organic, but do not know how to saturate the body, how to prepare the digestive environment to absorb these very useful elements which are grown for you with love and for good money. Sometimes it is justified. Learn to read labels!

Imagine a person who watched lot of TV adverts and wishes to follow the call of nature by buying all organic or even bio products. He is interested in labels, ingredients of products, where is it grown and in what conditions. He tries to start with an “easy version of a new life” for example, organic smoothies and juices. So he sits at work and drinks fresh juice. So nice! But problems begin here. Gastritis, hyper acidity, general tiredness, a violation of appetite and stool… It does not look as a happy start. What is wrong? The body is not ready. It is not ready for such a high concentration of organic acids. In pure form they enter the gastrointestinal tract and cause a storm of “emotions” in micro flora. The lack of proper activity prevents the process of “organic absorption” which leads to the accumulation of active acids in specific areas of the intestine and provokes various diseases in the future.


Here I want to finish and mention it again: “Ignorance does not absolve from responsibility.” Ignorance of the natural laws of the human body functions does not relieve of responsibility for the health of this organism. People are animals in a large part. But endowed with an active consciousness. So let us to act consistently: first we start be ethical towards the ecosystem. Then we will build a “bio” environment, referring more strictly to our body, mind, actions and becoming more and more responsible for the future of the planet and regularly raising the quality standards. And when the multimillion human “organism” will be ready for “absorption”. Then to pass to the “organics” or back to the original, with awe looking at Mother Nature!



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