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Come on, girls!

We love to meet with our girlfriends so much! And when they visit you with family in Costa del Sol — it’s a great holiday for all! Time of endless change of swimsuits for disco-dresses begins and so on. In the rhythm of bachata and salsa days pass by in the sunny coast. They are flavoured with sun, sea and hot breath of Spain!


A familiar picture, isn’t it?

But all these already has become classics. Let’s add some Indian spices to your holidays with friend. Recently, our old good friends Violetta, Egor and Lerushka from Moscow visited us. Old — because our friendship passed a time test. Good — because they are kind. These guys have been with us almost at all our yoga events. Lerusha began to work with Matvey (my son), while they both were in our tummies (Violetta’s and mine). Later she continued her practice with her mother with the JoyKid program. By the way, Violetta is now taking yoga course for teachers and soon she will be a full-fledged yoga tutor. And later she will become also JoyKid instructor which makes me so happy!

And how, — you may ask, — to make a spicy holiday having babies? We will answer, or rather, show you how to practice with your girlfriend in pair!


Yoga with a partner has passed from the category of newfangled hobbies to good therapeutic practice. Most of those who use asanas in classical hatha yoga classes are perceived in a different way when practising together!

It is understandable because in this case the two become one. It may seem that everyone does their part of the work. But it is also necessary to be able to agree with the partner about more comfortable entrance to asana. Also, you must keep in mind the balance at the time of practice, to be able to pacify the ego and allow the partner to lead. All these are sincere yoga.


Along with interesting experience with the body work, each one in the pair gets also an excellent load. The long-awaited relaxation and “finishing” of complex asanas that do not succumb to independent practice also takes place! In fact each participant uses his/her partner as a universal projectile. This allows to enter the deflection deeper, increase traction or fix the balance.


For example, you have long dreamed to strengthen the balance in Vrikshasana (a Tree pose). Call your girlfriend! To do this balance together is much is more effective for necessary muscle training. No, it is not easier, as you expected it :)).

By learning to keep the balance, align the spine, to do extra elements (knee bent or an up stretched arm), you will help the partner to get stronger into the pose, and also you train your own muscle memory.


Perhaps you want to reach a new level and master a couple of difficult asanas? Again, call a friend! Variations with Adho Mukha Shvanasana (the pose of the Dog with Face Down) will soon become your crown number! And all because this paired variant removes fears of performing complex and dangerous for untrained people asanas. But we always remember the sequence and adequacy in practice, after all, do we? This helps you to pre-stretch the hamstrings, up-to show the sacrum and to finally get the pleasure of this “Dog”!)


Well, what if you need relaxation and deep muscle clamps removal after your own yoga work? It needs a friend! How beautifully the large muscle layers work out with the correct distribution of the body weight of the partner in the simplest Balasana (Child’s pose)!


How magically Bhujangasana (Cobra postures) turns out, as soon as a friend hands out two hands of help!


You feel yourself in a double balance in a brand new way!


You spread yourself over the surface of the rug in a relaxed Upavista Konasana (posture of the elongated Corner)!


You can experiment without end! Till your girlfriend’s holidays comes to an end. So do not waste time, girls! We have already received a dose of pleasure from female friendship, and you?


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