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An endless pleasure!

It’s great to be a girl! Girls can wear mini skirts, dresses, trousers, but the most important — heels! It’s great to be a woman and realize that all the strength is not in the heels, but in their “bearer”. Actually the strength is in the bearer’s feet. In Costa del Sol there are many beautiful girls and women! Russian...

The Queen Posture.

In Costa del Sol, any day is holiday! Christmas Eve, “tomatins”, endless beach and club parties and social events. Locals live the real social life here. Women are trained enough to wear evening dresses and walk between tables with a glass in hand. Every woman dreams to be beautiful always and at any age. Actually every woman should be beautiful always...

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Jogging, yogging, living.

Arriving for the first time to Marbella, you understand that everyone is jogging here! And if they do not jogging, they row on the surf and kayak, play volleyball, do yoga and Pilates on the beach and in studios, dance and stroll along the paseo! Lovely sea, hot sun, fresh air and endless beaches ...

A burden of our’s own choice is not felt: Preparing for active summer

Summer is coming soon! And this means that time of sandboxes, barbecues, walks, trips to cottage and seaside starts soon! The JoyKid team is ready to equip every mom and baby with a JoyKid-backpack that complies with all principles of the program! First: «The kid should always bring you joy!» This means that wherever you go, everything you need for both mother...