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Upside down.

The most favourite holidays since childhood - Christmas and New Year are coming soon. Magic is in the air from the first days of December and it is spreading everywhere. In Spain, preparation for the long-awaited holidays begins at the end of November. December’s program is full of children's morning performances, “Christmas trees” and all kinds of “pre-party”. All these...

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Yoga therapy for stress.

Stress is an part of modern life. We must be caring wives, never-tired moms, successful business ladies, and beautiful women emanating confidence at the same time! How to manage all these? The time management skills and yoga therapy techniques will help. Only 15 minutes a day will make you feel cheerful, calmer and happier! 1.Opening of the cardiac centre. 1a) – IP...

An endless pleasure!

It’s great to be a girl! Girls can wear mini skirts, dresses, trousers, but the most important — heels! It’s great to be a woman and realize that all the strength is not in the heels, but in their “bearer”. Actually the strength is in the bearer’s feet. In Costa del Sol there are many beautiful girls and women! Russian...

Sarvangasana,Crescent Pose,Anjaneyasana,hips,Baddha-Konasana,Butterfly Pose,spine,yoga practice for sitting life,veins in legs,the pressure on the spine

A sitting part.

Hooray!!! My computer is fixed and I'm online again! Those two weeks that I was out of internet life. It made me once again to realize how much we depend on our electronic assistants. A human today is no longer ‘homo sapiens’ (wise man) but is more like ‘sitting man’. We spend our lives near His Majesty the Computer. We go...