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Art of Birth

Yoga therapy for menstrual disorders.

Dysmenorrhea, or the menstrual cycle disorder, is the problem that every woman faces. The most common dysmenorrhea forms are amenorrhea (menses cessation or its absence for a long period) and algomenorrhea (painful periods, usually accompanied by severe premenstrual syndrome). The menstrual cycle disorders happen due to many reasons. It can be psycho emotional causes, climate change, intestinal infections, high level and...

Pregnancy and childbirth. Traditions and the present.

In modern culture, the concepts of “pregnancy” and “childbirth” are having more and more definitions. If it is the pregnancy, it is necessarily to be conscious, and better in the Vedic traditions (because of modern society’s passion to all Indo-Slavic, etc.). If it is childbirth, then certainly it must be natural (and in the water, standing, in the “pose of...

Preparation for conception. Practical exercise set.

Conception is the process that determines the beginning of pregnancy. It is important to prepare for it in advance to avoid possible complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Currently, the planning of the baby and parenthood is becoming increasingly important criterion of modern society. For human it is very important to prepare in advance the body and attitude before the baby is...

JoyKid. Master-class for mothers and babies after 3 months old.

JoyKid is a program by Maria Shishkina, a yoga teacher, therapist and also, a mom. The program implies partnership practices and is effective for shared and personal practice. The method bases on principles of yoga therapy. It is useful for young mother’s faster recovery after childbirth. It helps to develop and strengthen the emotional bond with a newborn, and to baby...

Yoga and yogatherapy. Questions and answers.

Yoga and yogatherapy. Questions and answers.

My dear friends, students, listeners, readers and watchers! I am very grateful that you look at the World the same way as I do it through the prism of yoga and yoga-therapy, happy maternity and family travel! Many of you were students and have completed my courses. Some of you still continue studying and use your knowledge in professional and personal...