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Ayurveda and yoga

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Ayurveda and yoga therapy. A competent teacher.

So, you are a yoga instructor or a practitioner. Professional or newbie. How to realize is you build your practice or recommend something to students in correct way being guided by Ayurvedic principles and moving away from general recommendations towards personal progress? After reading the Ayurveda books, we often try to keep in mind those little understood (or well-studied) terms, trying...

respiratory practices,balance,digestion,Pavana Muktasana,energy,Sushumna,ayurveda,yoga therapy,inverted poses,prana,apana,standing on the head

Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Pleasure benefit.

When we talk about inverted yoga poses, we imagine Standing on the head. Usually beginners don't find it pleasant. Also the experienced practitioners always have something to strive for. Yet, from Ayurveda's point of view this practice is able to develop lightness in body and mind and harmonize the energy balance. About practical execution and preparation for the pose I will...

psychological balance,Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama,ayurveda for begginers,vata,kapha,yoga therapy,the science of health,Prakriti and Vikriti diagnostics

Ayurveda and yoga therapy. The Beginning.

Very few people rely on the basic principles and knowledge of Ayurveda. Many beginners or experienced yogis does not pay much attention to it. Ayurveda means the “science of health” (in Sanskrit), which goes hand in hand with yoga. But usually we are bumping into zealous practice. We dream of conquering Facebook or Instagram with our “cool yoga-pics” and join to another...

Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Mirror and window.

What is the most important thing to have in yoga class or in personal practice? Window. It must be open, letting indirect sunlight and fresh air to circulate in the room. These are the Ayurvedic recommendations for space organization. Mirror. In training classes, you can find many mirrors creating multi-reflective surface, or empty walls that make it impossible for you to see...