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Bright children. Special practice. Acquaintance. Day 1.

Every day I thank God for every patient who I work with, regardless of our common path duration. My clients are the opportunity given to me to carry out my mission and to realize a passionate desire to help through yoga practice and yoga therapy.

I appreciate everyone. But when life gives me the opportunity to deal with children – it’s a special honour and pleasure for me!


Today, Daniel came to me. A cheerful boy of eleven years with blue eyes wide open. His diagnosis is cerebral palsy.
Our first meeting took place a few days ago. When I came to his house to hold the first consultation and my lesson.

He was sitting and playing piano. He played wonderful, I can confirm this because I studied myself at a music school for 10 years.

— “Hi!”
— “Hello!” He got up and shook my hand.
— “I’m Masha. Let’s go and yoga, will we?”
— “Let’s go!”

We went downstairs, to the terrace, under the shade of the blossoming green. We spread the usual towel and began the lesson.

At first glance, I immediately identified his right-hand motor pattern, his walk “from the shoulder”, the knee joints deformation, turning the left foot inside. But he had a good straight back, mobile hands and shoulders.
The main task of the first lesson was a detailed analysis of the patient’s present condition, revealing the picture of the consequences of the disease, a detailed analysis of the test exercises and the first outline of the practice strategy.


1. We started with feet. In this case, I almost never change the priority. No matter how a person moves, the first thing I want to see is his feet. We tried to stand on tiptoes, worked our toes. We felt the plantar tendons in practice, assessed the toes mobility and the entire foot.

What was difficult: standing on tiptoe with left foot, keeping the balance, working with toes in standing position, turning fingers under himself (especially on the left side). He did all these with support.

What he could do: to go forward and back with bent knees with and without support for hands, partly walk forward with almost straightened knees (walking “from the iliac bones”) and back in the same position with support, asymmetrical walk on tiptoes with support.

What we tried: to twist the towel with his toes under his body and open it back with the help of a step. We stand in a row, hugging each other by the side and performed various cross movements with legs, learning how to balance on one leg.

2. The second step was a detailed work with hands. Have made a decent amount of vyayamas. I was satisfied with the general mobility and degree of management.

What was difficult: to keep his arms outstretched in front of him with shoulders down, to unbend elbows with a general tight static, unfold the palm in centre.

What he could do: working with fingers (separate joints, a complex of joints, several fingers at the same time), perform subtle manipulative movements (Daniel is great piano player!). There are difficulties with the left hand and fingers moves. To my surprise, he can sit with his straight back and arms outstretched, which is not easy for lots of adults!

We tried: to make local movements with palms of hands at static tension, to unbend elbows and kept this position, to differentiate the work of each finger.

3. Of course, we did lots of funny stuff. Daniel is a child! And he is very cheerful and open to the world! One of the main strategies of my work will be to maintain and strengthen the positive assessment of movements, actions, self-esteem and way of thinking!

We jumped like hares, wrapped up like big fat caterpillars of different colours, we laid down as starfish do on the beach and competed who will raise hands higher, or elongate legs more, who will walk with on one leg far or whose fists are attached to each other stronger!

4. At last the most important thing! Imprint of a dinosaur skeleton on a snow-white terrace wall! Oh, how we prepared for this! … After all, it will be necessary then to show to his mother and the world what the trace of the back of a dinosaur looks like!


We laughed a lot and with all heart. And we will do so. And he will do so.

Thank you, destiny, for such a responsible gift! I will not let down.


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