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Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Mirror and window.

What is the most important thing to have in yoga class or in personal practice?

Window. It must be open, letting indirect sunlight and fresh air to circulate in the room. These are the Ayurvedic recommendations for space organization.

Mirror. In training classes, you can find many mirrors creating multi-reflective surface, or empty walls that make it impossible for you to see your reflection during practice. What does yoga say about this?

An orthodox view of practice suggests practicing in an empty room / open space without any additions. The modern tradition is open to use mirrors to learn asanas at start of practice.

What is more important? A mirror or a window? When we are open to new knowledge, we open our soul’s window to inhale a fresh wind and absorb the sunlight! Moving to more subtle sensations, we listen to our body during practice. We learn to reflect in the surrounding objects and phenomena of nature. By opening the “windows” of your sensations wider, we learn the boundless possibilities of our body, mind, consciousness. Moving deeper into the practice, we begin to “reflect” in the people around us, more subtle and sensitive to their mood, emotions, inner peace. Discovering and inhaling this world, we do not afraid any more to be reflected in it. By “mirroring” our loved ones, we help them and ourselves to see better the human nature, to understand and accept our unity.

Both the window and the mirror are a pass to the world of subtle sensations and new discoveries. Let me use the metaphorical form to explain these basic concepts. “Window” is the type of active male energy directed outwards and opening the space to the outside. “Mirror” is a type of soft female energy that reflects the inner filling. While practicing, it is important to be filled and to share. To open and to reflect.

Transferring knowledge and sensations into your life, it is worth to understand, at what stage you are now and what is more important for you: a window or a mirror? Do it now.


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