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Ayurveda and yogatherapy. Your right start.

Starting to practice or already being on the way of a confident yoga practice, few people rests on the basic principles and knowledge of Ayurveda is “Science of health” (in translation from Sanskrit) that goes hand in hand with yoga.

We are increasingly caught up in zealous practice, hoping to conquer Facebook or Instagram your “cool yoga pictures” and another on “yoga challenge”. Or Vice versa, immediately swim in the “upper atmosphere”, talking about weightless and eternal through the lens of yogic terms.

Neither, in my opinion, not bad — but would not harm the health and psyche, but from the original goals and objectives of yoga-practices is still far.

I also did not immediately come to the conclusion that to build a personal pratcice and to help patients (sorry for our eternal yogaterapiya term)) more effective and better just given the diagnosis of Prakriti and Vikriti (constitutional individual-mental structure of the individual at the time of birth and the present time), development on the basis of this knowledge of the program practices and nutrition, breathing techniques, cleansing procedures, sleep mode and active actions. Up to shift a serious long-term habits.

Interesting… the more you work in this direction, the more subtle facets of human Existence open.

For example — that’s why one can eat in a row, doing almost nothing physically and at the same time to continue to lose weight? Or Vice versa, is (from the point of view of all dietary cultures) to eat, to have an active (or relatively) way of life, but continue to gain weight? What is good and what is bad in this case, how to define?

Will give General advice and regret it — be the first sorely to continue to lose weight and feel exhausted, and the second “jump” plus or minus half a kilo”, angry at themselves and the teacher.

Or here’s another — in the classical works on yoga is recommended to use a Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama with the purpose of harmonization of the state of practicing “grounding” and the collection and direction of Energy (Prana) into the Central channel (Sushumna).

However, suggest this practice first without prior bodily training and rizvanovna” without the support of Vata, Kapha can carry out psychological balance away for a long time.

And the second offer this practice in the morning — it would seem that nagelneue time for pranayama, and may yield extinct the Fire of digestion and a sluggish feeling in the background of more increased Kapha for the whole day.

Beautiful and powerful Science of health with thousands of years of roots!

Let’s hunt for Knowledge (and then to put the results in Instagram))). Who’s with me?..


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