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Ayurveda and yogatherapy. Practice for fiery Pitta.

Fire. Living, hot, filling everything with light and energy! It is impossible to imagine fire without movement. Fire breathes with Air. Together in a single stream, these two energies are the power of Life!

According to Ayurveda, Pitta Dosha is responsible for Internal Fire in the body. It warms the body during physical exertions. It is one of the components of the digestive process (read more about it in article “Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Digestion”).

The Vata in the body freezes without Pitta, and Kapha solidifies. Yet, excessive accumulation of Pitta and increase of internal Fire dry the body up. The body burns from the inside. The common symptoms are pain and inflammation of the joints and heartburn, also belching, peptic ulcer diseases and lesions of the respiratory tract.

How to create a proper balancing practice for people whose blood boils with a Fire Energy? From my experience of working with the body (and I have Pitta more than enough) and by watching my student’s the results, I can say that soothing and “extinguishing” Pitta practise is not actually needed. On the contrary you must keep up the internal Fire. Just turn down the burner a little…

The purpose of Pitta Dosha practise is even, gently warming and burning Fire, but not the ashes of extinguished flame at once. What are the key points that we highlight in practice?
— warm-up. Despite that the Fire combined with Air begins to burn stronger and brighter. And with proper warming up you accumulate work of the sympathetic nervous system, by connecting your breath with moves. It is variant of prana-vyayamas. Do not be afraid to fan the flames. It is important only to turn down the burner in time and direct the accumulated heat inside the body.

For warm up I would recommend using techniques of joints exercises of Yoga Sukshma-Vyayama in first place. The special attention in paid to work out of joints mechanisms (bending for knees and elbows, rotation for hips and shoulders). Also, the necessary stretching of half tendon joints and muscles attached to these joints. For example, you have worked shoulder joints, performed the rotational techniques. Immediately you have stretched biceps, triceps, cowl and large breast muscles. All these muscles can be involved in some movements. So you let the Fire warm up your joints and muscles, but not to accumulate within joints, “burning” them with further practice.

— the main part. Let the Pitta to get out! It is important to let the Fire out of the body. Do not let it to accumulate inside. Yet, don’t let the element to become storm! Add harmonizing practices to the power ones, making the Fire to circulate the body evenly.

Let it be powerful Vinyasas with balances on hands. According to your practise level of course. It can be standing poses with short holds but with various transitions, variations, compiled with bending downwards while standing. Otherwise, your inner Fire energy begin to boil. This way you will direct the activated Pitta to fill your body evenly and do not accumulate in specific areas. Sitting stretching and twisting with bending are also good for this. Don’t forget that Pitta needs plenty of fluids during practice. Supply the body with warm water every 10-20 minutes.

— a great end of practice for Pitta Dosha can become harmonizing Pranayama techniques such as Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama. It makes the Fiery energy to get cooler due to fresh air intake from the outside and reduces the burner back to its primary place in the body — the abdomen. Do not “extinguish” the Fire completely — it needs to warm your body and soul.

This may also include the vyayama balancing energy by sitting. For example the “Sufi circle”, which also return Fire to its original place, but keep up its calm burning.

No need to fight with the Element! Let it to express itself. Learn to manage it and you will have another powerful weapon to guard the Health and Harmony!


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