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Ayurveda and yogatherapy. Digestion.

Let’s talk about digestion. From the point of view of Ayurveda, digestion is a process regulated by three Doshas serially at different stages with the aim to maintain and strengthen the internal Strength (Ojas).

Very interesting mechanism of the digestive system from an Ayurvedic perspective that is simply indispensable and obligatory, in my opinion, to the study of knowledge both for teachers and serious practitioners of yoga (the word “serious” in this context means the attitude, not the duration of classes). Let’s face it.

The three Doshas of our body — Vata, Pitta and Kapha govern the process of digestion. In fact, everything develops in a fairly coherent picture of the practice as soon as you analyse your individual option and build relationships with the body at this level.

The first stage of digestion is governed by Kapha Dosha. As soon as the food enters the mouth and into the esophagus, starts the primary digestion of the enveloping slime and preparing for the detailed breakdown. At this level, unbalanced Kapha Dosha may lead to either insufficient production of saliva (at low stage) and, as a consequence, the lack of preparation food due to breakdown in the stomach, or excessive drooling and mucus, which leads to a delay of food in the upper part of the digestive system and disrupts the natural rhythm of digestion, drowning out the digestive fire.

The second stage is ruled by Pitta Dosha. Fire Pitta, “living” in the stomach, helping him to produce the digestive juices for proper digestion of food and further advancement of mass in the intestine.

Reinforced pitta often provokes a permanent high content of gastric juice, which leads to gastritis, peptic ulcers, heartburn. If we add to this the love of Pitta to all kinds of spicy spices, the output can be obtained and colitis, and serious limitations in the practice of yoga and ordinary life.

The third stage is the area of Vata Dosha. Vata helps to split prepared a lot of food into useful nutrients, which are then sent to the liver and becomes a new part of the blood and the unfamiliar/unwanted/toxic substances that will have to leave the body through the colon.

Vata — a particularly Moody person. The slightest imbalance and all the efforts of Kapha and Pitta (i.e. pre – and full preparation of food in the esophagus and stomach) are reduced to “no”. Useful together with unnecessary flying “out”, or changes places and poisons the body, or lie in the intestine, forming additional toxins.

Having established all three stages of digestion with the help harmonise and balance the Doshas (remember: in every individual case this balance is unique), you get a shapely well-oiled system that supports your body in a state of ease and setticket (as they say in yoga)).

Sort it out in theory. Next time you will already practice!

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