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Ayurveda and yoga. Windy Vata.

To create. Dream. To inspire and be inspired. So you can describe the qualities of Vata Dosha or the Air Element in human body from the perspective of Ayurveda.

It might seem like it’s great to soar in the clouds, bring forth a brilliant (or not, but always interesting) ideas, not to get better from sweet and fat, little sleep and move a lot!

It seems to be the perfect picture… But no..

The flip side of the coin of the Constitution of the Vata type are regular and very serious problems with digestion and excretory system (in particular, spastic constipation is literally a synonym for Wool), muscle stiffness, dryness and stiffness of the joints, sharp headaches, loss of appetite, a kaleidoscope of moods (from peak to peak the joy of depression one minute).

Plus difficulty concentrating and retaining information in mind, regular health, and achieve your goals.
Can continue as describe yourself and including.
But while the focus on the above.

How to be the person with a Vata Constitution type? How to harness the Wind in his head and body through the practice?

According to the canons of Ayurvedic Vata Dosha is formed by two components — the elements of Air and Ether. This mixture defines “air” in its Constitution the body and “flying” thoughts and emotions.

The main aim of the practice is the grounding of the air element. But it is extremely important to understand what exercises and equipment will be grounded (i.e. to give confidence in my body and feelings) and not to ground (over-burden and to deprive a person so it needs space and freedom).

My long-term work with them and a large number of patients with similar characteristics paying off, because has been to share with you its main provisions:

— Warm-up. Do not rush in all at once! Only consistent and regular basis (stress!) repeat sets of exercises can control the Air and make it flow (to swim, to flow?..) in a certain direction. Yoga Sukshma-Vyayama, with special emphasis on detailed study of all the joints in your all. However, correctly assemble and use. Abundant hours (minute, second?..) waving limbs only provoke your cotton Wool, and instead of pleasure and wholeness from the practice you will get increased irritability and nervousness.
I recommend each exercise joint exercises to punctuate, say, slopes down in a dynamic way (i.e. from a standing position, you gently Kruglaya the back, making the slope down to the feet and gently return to the starting position, opening the shoulders). To do this kind of inclination is in a certain pace, regularly repeating after each exercise.

— The main part. Oh, here is where to turn! All the standing poses (but with the dynamics inside), balances and variations, Vinyasa smooth transitions and interesting variations let the thirst for new emotions and knowledge of Men was not boring! However sateliite it many times already and the “flowing” slopes.

— Completion practices. Here I would focused! The completion of the practice show, pacified if you Air or obeyed him. Unexpected, but, as practice shows, is very effective to apply an inverted posture with short retention, but smooth transitions or variations in. For beginners — options Viparita-karani mudra, Sarvangasana, for the more experienced (one of my favorite) — Stand on your head or hands. The experiments (of course, logical, and teacher-led) are welcome! Savasana is probably not the best relaxant for the “air” people)

Breathe the Air and let him fill you! Help Elements to take form through the practice and enjoy the colorful life!


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