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Ayurveda and yoga therapy. The Beginning.

Very few people rely on the basic principles and knowledge of Ayurveda. Many beginners or experienced yogis does not pay much attention to it.

Ayurveda means the “science of health” (in Sanskrit), which goes hand in hand with yoga.

But usually we are bumping into zealous practice. We dream of conquering Facebook or Instagram with our “cool yoga-pics” and join to another “yoga-challenge”. Or we float away to the “upper atmosphere”, arguing about the weightless and eternal through the prism of yogic terms.

Neither one nor the other is not bad — if it does not harm health and mentality. But still it is far away from the original goals and tasks of yoga practice.

I also did not immediately come to the fact that building up personal practice and helping patients is more effective and qualitative with Prakriti and Vikriti diagnostics. Prakriti and Vikriti is the personal constitutional-mental structure of a person at the moment of birth and now. This knowledge helps to create a program of practice and nutrition, respiratory techniques, cleaning procedures, sleep and daily activities. Also it helps to change even serious long-term habits.

The more I work in this direction, the more subtle aspects of Human Existence I discover.

For example why one eats everything, almost without doing any physical work and still loses weight? Why another lives a healthy life filled with sport and diet and gains kilos? What is good and what is bad in this case? How to understand it?

You give general recommendations and you will lose because the first one will continue to lose kilos and feel emaciated. The other one will have “jumping kilos” like “plus or minus a half”, being angry at himself and the teacher.

Classical yoga books recommend using Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama to harmonize the practitioner’s condition by “grounding” and collecting and directing the Energy (Prana) to the Central Channel (Sushumna).

But if you offer this practice to the one without any preliminary physical training and his “agitated” Vata without the support of Kapha can take his psychological balance far away and for long.

Or if another one will practice it in the morning the best time for doing pranayama. And as a result he will have an extinguished digestion fire and he will feel exhausted having even larger Kapha for the rest of the day.

This Health Science with millennia roots is beautiful and powerful!

Let’s hunt for Knowledge together (and then we can share our results in Instagram).

Who comes with me?


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