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Ayurveda and yoga therapy. A competent teacher.

So, you are a yoga instructor or a practitioner. Professional or newbie. How to realize is you build your practice or recommend something to students in correct way being guided by Ayurvedic principles and moving away from general recommendations towards personal progress?

After reading the Ayurveda books, we often try to keep in mind those little understood (or well-studied) terms, trying to understand how all this “wealth” of knowledge to apply in practice.

In canonical works you won’t find guidance on practice or way of life specifically addressed to you.

All you will find are general basic principles, combining in their classification many cases with different variations. It’s a worth to talk about these variations.

Having more than ten years of teaching experience I can say with confidence: “The real success of the practice is in personal regular work with competent teacher and a sensible yourself!”

I explain:

– A competent teacher is the one who can approach comprehensively to find and solve problems of your body, according to your level and your period of life (the real yogic one) at present.

– A competent teacher uses knowledge from a variety of areas: science, medicine, physics, biomechanics, philosophy, Ayurveda … I can continue.

– A competent teacher works on himself all the time. Together with you. You will see it.

– A competent teacher is able to make mistakes “on his own” and teaches you by his own example, having first worked and studied this lesson on error basis.

– A competent teacher knows that every activity is a new day, a new mood of the student, a new body, a new “living” of the material.

– A competent teacher will be your friend, your challenge, your nanny, your loving wife / husband, your leader and your subordinate at the same time. You cannot forget this experience.

– A competent teacher will not tell you that he is a Teacher. You will make him so.

– Together with him/her you will be angry and proud of yourself, and wait for the end of the lesson, or dream that it never ends, with him/her you will love and hate. But never be bored.

– A competent teacher does not show you the way, he walks aside, illuminating the most difficult parts of your path with his “flash light of knowledge”. And you will pass this path yourself and every point of it.

Well, without claiming for title of Competent Teacher of the Year, but confidently having the title of just a competent, let me go over your “hummocks” and, if possible, illuminate the shady sections of your Practice Path!


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